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It’s Important To Look Normal

I am beyond disbelief. People, men and women, moms and dads, are still subjecting their own children to clitoroplasty. Let’s say it out loud – it’s female genital mutilation in another dark shade of black. Now, it’s just not excused by god’s divine wishes, but with gender stereotypes. That’s right! They are cutting of huge chunks of clitoral tissue so it would look normal. Normal being what they deem appropriate.

Does this make any of you sick think?

But wait, there’s more! After the little girls have been mutilated beyond recovery, possibly never able to feel orgasms or pleasure and subject to all sorts of psychological harm that comes with it, they are subjected to testing that is, if nothing else, a little odd. Their capability to feel (with their undoubtly destroyd nerve endings, even if claimed otherwise) is tested with a vibrator when they’re over 5-6 years old.

Think about your childhood memories. How would such testing (yearly, by the way!) affect your view of normality, sexuality, your own body, your own right to set boundaries regarding your own body, your gender and sexual identity?

Planned Parenthood tells us this

Stimulation of two major parts of the genitals can cause a woman to have an orgasm: the clitoris (which is a part of the vulva) and the vagina. A woman can have an orgasm through stimulation of just her clitoris, just her vagina, or both. But most women have orgasms through stimulation of the clitoris.

I, on the other hand, am a bit further down the hypothesis road. What I’m about to say may shock you. I think that clitoris, that is evidently a lot wider spread than the hood that shows, takes part in all the orgasms. For me it just seems too oversimplified to think that (without any studies) you could distract a part of the genital system and call on it. That’s it! There it was! Isn’t the orgasm the whole reproductive system contracting? Why would achieving it be any different?

I read this piece once, where a woman who had had a hysterectomy (removal of the uterus) told her story. It was in one of the feminist safe places but I couldn’t find it for now. She said that her orgasms had been reduced to tiny ripples compared to the magnificent outbursts they used to be. Because her uterus couldn’t contract orgasmicly anymore. Nowhere in sex ed or the fancy pancy science (fiction) about women’s reproductive organs and orgasms did they say that the uterus plays a powerful part in orgasms as well as growing babies.

Nothing in the human body is unnecessary. We just don’t know what everything’s for. That should make us cautious, not sly, cheating, mutilating beasts.

Shame. On. You. Jennifer Yang, Diane Felsen, and Dix P. Poppas.


One thought on “It’s Important To Look Normal

  1. Omg. I just realized someone might get a kick out the so called “practices” they’re using to test the poor girls. Well, have your fun, but at the end of it I expect you to be duely concerned for the girls’ well-being. K?

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