BDSM, Fantasies, Love, Submissive tendencies, Unanticipated Satisfaction

Saran Wrap

The three day vacation so worked in our advantage. We are healthier, happier and more relaxed. And more sleepy, too. I guess, not being able to sleep was a sign of stress.

When everyone else opted to go for a bicycle ride to see the fair sights of the city, we stayed back to “take a swim”. Well, it was pretty obvious for everyone what we really stayed behind to do. When we were alone it took some 30 minutes for us to chipperishly run to the main house dripping pond water all over the place and get naked on the large manor bed in downstairs. I’ve never had sex in my parent’s bed, and now they are long separated, so I can’t try, but I imagine this is what it would feel like. It felt exhiliratingly wrong. There was a certain air of secrecy because we couldn’t be sure when the others would be back, so we used hushed tones and tried to move gently so the bed wouldn’t squek.

Wonderboy disarmed me from my bikini and we laid a towel on the bed to save our hostess from an icky cleaning job. It was hot and sensible! I must be getting old. Then Wonderboy started teasing me with his cock. He didn’t put it in but a tiny bit of it’s lenght and made me squirm and moan to get more. Then he grabbed my summer scarf which is so ample it can be worn as a kind of sari. He draped it over my head and pulled it from the back, hard, to let me feel how tightly I was being held. The scarf is so light it’s easy to breath through, so it was a new sensation to be tightly concealed and at the same time, able to breath almost normally.

I remember hearing first about mummification from a then-friend of mine, the Dominatrix. I didn’t understand it at all. It just seemed so odd that someone would want to be wrapped tightly in cling film. It didn’t make any sense. I still think it’s a gross word and I’d prefer to keep my desires out of a box with a nametag like that, but I recognize the desire to be bound all around.

When Wonderboy wrapped that scarf around my head and pulled it so it made my nose press against my face. I could see him through the thin fabric. He moved gently, little by little, teasing and enjoying himself. He held my legs apart by putting his hands on my butt and raising me against him. He was so turned on that he said It’s really hard to fuck you when I’m about to come the whole time.

Soon it was all over and he took the scarf away, kissed me and then licked me senseless. The towel took some hit, though.


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