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One Day It Will Happen

Have I ever mentioned that we’re about to get married? Well, we are, and it’s getting close. Real close. So close, in fact, that we are both shaking shivering, kissing hugging basket cases.

It’s almost funny how happy all our friends are. One just stopped by unexpectedly just to bring us a bottle of champagne. We had a bachelor party last weekend that turned out to be for the both of us, and after that everything’s been kind of in the clouds sort of thing. Our friends seem to be in on it. The Champagne lady said that she’d always detested marriage until now. Somehow, seeing us so happy, so willing to share our fears and hopes and dreams, has made other people believe in love.

I am incredibly happy to be able to say I do to this wonderful man I love and adore. I just hope that everyone, everywhere had the same right with their loved ones. Here’s to you all out there who are still waiting. It seemed hopeless for a time, with the wanting to be spanked and held and treated with no mercy, wanting both men and women, wanting so much and being unable to handle it. Now the day is here. I came home, went to kiss him in the bed and the minute I did, he became hard and his eyes darkened with lust. One day it will happen. I promise.


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