BDSM, Craving for more, Fantasies, What Women Really Want, Wonderboy

With A Little Help From My Friend

I have this fantasy to be fucked by two men at the same time. Threesome, to be sure, but a spesific need to be filled all the way, more, throughout. Sometimes, good times, Wonderboy has fucked me from behind and wiggled his fingers in my butt at the same time. It’s mind-blowing in a way that’s hard to describe. It’s so intense that I’m almost not sure if I orgasm or just… spasm. I lose control, definately.

Today Wonderboy wouldn’t settle for his fingers. He restricted my legs very close together sitting on the back of my thighs. Then he started to rub his cock, already sticky with precum, to my ass cheeks, then my crack. He entered me without much delay, but stayed sitting up, forcing my cunt to mold into his cock which was trying to pull up and away. He was only a little way in and his cock was pulsing in me sending waves of pleasure through the most sensitive place in my cunt, the opening after the lips.

It felt so good that I wanted to keep him there, but at the same time I wanted him to ravish me. I wanted him to hit me and push and pull me. He was raising me from the bed with an iron fist in my hair, tentatively but very firmly finding the airways in my neck, blocking them and opening them at his will. At the same time he was very gentle with the cock, remember that it wasn’t all in, it was just pulsing with pleasure when he manhandled me, and my cunt pulsed back.

I love the way your cock feels when it pulses inside of me like that, I whispered in a hoarse voice. I lose my voice very easily and it usually has something to do with sex.

He started to play with my butt, ran his fingers in with some shea butter, and fucked me really slowly.

For me, the most intense sensations really actually make me blind. My eyes go black, well, my sight does, and then there will be orange and red flashes when it gets even more serious. It is important to me to feel as though I lose control. Seeing everything hinders it somehow. I’m too attuned to keep the other one happy, start to worry abut what I see, how I look. Closing my eyes always heightens me senses, so I do it a lot. At one point Wonderboy actually felt threatened that I always started to float into the void, the fantasy land, when I did so. He felt that when I closed my eyes I also close him off. Not so much anymore. He’s grown to appreciate everything that gets me to lose control, now that he’s realized how incredibly difficult and rare it is for me. I think. But I’m just guessing, here, because he’s usually pretty perspective, we haven’t talked about it for times and times now.

Well, pushing into me, filling me through both of my sexually appetitious orifices, is just the thing to push me away from selfcontrol and selfreflectory.

You feel so good, he whispered, and sighed in a way that made my cunt pulse a deep and vibrant pulse as an answer. He took his fingers out of my butt and hit me once like was still thinking what should he do. I answered with Hit me more! when he stopped at just one slap.

Are you trying to command me? he asked in a dangerous voice. I felt his arm around my neck and before I could say anything he was strangling me with his whole arm, his whole body weight in my back, my back arched up from the mattres by his strenght. When he eased a bit I said I’m sorry but it came out as a hoarse voice, almost only air. It was the perfect answer. I did want him to hit me more, but it was infinitely better that he chose to do as he will. And punish me for asking. He murmured some threats in my ear that I soon forgot because the passion took over me. He wouldn’t let me decide. He wouldn’t let me have a say. He wouldn’t let me go. We both were shivering from anticipation, pulsing, blooming, blood rushing, breath shallow and audible.

After a while of restraining me to show me my place he leaned over me and started to rummage our play box. There’s not much in there, an old dildo that I never use that used to vibrate but is broken now, a small smooth vibrator he bought for me for my birthday so I would have fun times without him, too, and not feel ashamed. He had first concidered a larger tool, but felt then that I might feel intimidated by the size, and anyway, it wasn’t so much for insertion than to play with my clit. I’d told him that’s the way I like to play when I’m alone, but after he bought it I have used the old and the new together with great effect. Anyway.

What should I use on you, he murmured under his breath and I started pulsing like crazy and got goose-pumps all over my upper back. Oh God yes, I thought and wiggled my butt way up in the air. Well, not really that much, he was on top of me and inside me at the time so there wasn’t much room.

We sadly discovered that there weren’t any batteries, but the small smooth thingie made it’s way up my butt and it was fantastical. God. Now he was able to to rub my butt cheeks and freely strangle me and tie my hair in a knot and raise me from it, because the vibrator stayed put. And he fucked me all through the beautiful few minutes it took before I could feel his cock get umpty and him say I’m gonna come. We ended up coming at the same time, blindly bound to each other, so filled with each other that it was almost too much to bare. I wasn’t so much pulsing than I was clinging to his cock, wanting to savour it to the last drop.

I got my threesome. Just me, Wonderboy and the little silky smooth vibrator.


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