Gender stereotypes, Love, Volatile bodies, Wonderboy

The Secret Places

It’s a wonderful thing to have a lover who is not bound by gender expectations or hindered by body image issues. I spent a most fulfilling half an hour licking Wonderboy, tasting the metallic taste of his butt crack, gagging with his growing cock in my throat and finally – enveloping his testicles in my mouth for as long as it took. I could feel him pulse, violently, through it all. The orgasm was something that made him lose his breath and his self control. So fragile they are, and so they were, filling my mouth to the brim, flailing around in there like two marbles.

I came so hard when he licked me, after he had come, it came as a total surprise. I just poured pulses of the clear fluid in his mouth and face. It kept on dripping all over our skin when he turned me gently over and came around for kissing and cuddling. I was thinking how just a minute ago I could feel him come like I do, as a massive explosion, an inner turmoil, a wave and a pulse turning the tides. I felt that the testicles in my mouth somehow represented my own bags and strings, my secret places that want to be filled. It was a revelation which managed to make me happy, care free and come in a massive heat wave, all at the same time. I felt oddly relieved, liberated. His body has secret places too, but they are sometimes open for me. When I’m really careful.


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