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Radfems On Bare Humanity

Delilah at Advice and Consent has written about radical feminist’s blunderings with their stance on BDSM and, mostly, with women who wilfully submit. It’s really worth a glance.

Delilah says:

The other thing that I think a lot of radfems miss is the following: when two consenting, self-aware adults take an act that is supposed to be degrading and do it together in a loving context, this is a subversion of the dominant paradigm and thus has the potential for healing on a personal and on a political level.

God, yes.


When BDSM play strips you down to your bare humanity, without all of the social constructs that cause neurosis – that’s subversive. That’s healing. That’s radical.

God, yes.


Suppressing pornography doesn’t make it go away. Never has. Adding to the body of work pornography that you find more accurately expresses your truth – that’s a healing act.

Hell, yes.

You want to repress women of the world still some? Just make them feel their fantasies are somehow adding to the oppression they face themselves. Make them feel that their fantasies are sickbadwrong just because they are not like yours (you lucky bastard who can go trough life never ever having a second of self-doubt, or so it would seem). That’ll teach them – I mean settle the score – I mean. That’ll fuck them right up and their partners too. It will be a start for the longest and hardest healing process imaginable.


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