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Panties On

He didn’t take my panties off. First he pulled them up, so my pussy could feel it. My own pulse vibrating against the soft fabric. Then he ripped the neckline of my shirt to reveal my left breast. He manhandled my breast through the bra and then pushed it aside to reveal my tits. They are so big this time of the month. Round and bouncy. My nipples were hard and aching and when he launched on them I cried out of pain and delight. Finally, after torturing me for a while, he rolled himself on me. His boxer briefs had a small wet spot on them, that made me howl in my mind. He dry-humped me in a serious way. Spotted my hands on the mattress and threw my legs behind my head.

Finally he raised himself to take off his briefs, but he wouldn’t touch mine. He just pushed them aside and entered me. He pulled my buttocks apart and fucked me all the more deeply, raising me against him, pushing me against the bed.

When I got home, he came out of the bedroom with a huge big cock flapping against his tummy, all ready. Hello baby, he said and gave me a kiss. I was delighted and hugged him passionately. I like when his all naked and warm and I’m still covered up. He’s body is so sensual, I love feeling it through my clothes. I was especially happy since we’d had an argument about sex the night before and the same morning. Yes, it is possible.

Last night he had been in the mood, but I was just too damn tired from my new job and all the extra hours it’s demanded. (Try reading 200 essays in one sunday, I’m telling you.) Well, I woke up early to read some more pearls of wisdom, but couldn’t get out of bed. I pulled him close, kissed him, caressed him. I was more turned on than I’ve been in a long time. I’m supposed to get my period in a few more days, but I feel like I’m ovulating. I just want to grind myself against him and make him penetrate me, now! He had been up all night long, so he was way too tired for my initiations at 6:30. (Who’d have thunk, huh?) I almost cried, I was so horny, but then I did the grown-up thing and went to make some coffee.

And then here he was, all happy and hard, greeting me after work like in some really funny porn flick. Turnes out it made him so happy to be able to turn me down, for once! He was absolutely certain that I’d want to fuck his brains out when I got home. Well, he was damn right about that.

It was the best fuck in a long time. Everything felt so good and wet and exciting. I wasn’t afraid to reciprocate or hint what I was after, and he went apeshit out of lust. It’s so much better, I didn’t even remeber how much better it can be, when he isn’t afraid. And when I know what I want.


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