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A True Way

I had my first real life fantasy the other night, and everything changed.

My period was supposed to start on thursday, but here we are, rolling in the unfathomable wetness and orgasmic ease. This morning when we started kissing, making funny faces and laughing about stupid little things like the line in Beavis and Butthead – the movie, Wonderboy suddenly started laughing.

Yeah, right, you’re supposed to be on your period, but you just had an orgasm yesterday by just deepthroating me. I was like what the fuck?

What happened was that I leaned over him to put away my laptop from the bed and, well, there it was. His cock. It was its small and silky self, not in the least bit curious about my nose which was inches away from it. I trailed it with my nose. Ah, the smell. I made a whimpering sound. Then tried it with my tongue. I sniffed, kissed and licked it until his eyes went half-mast and he coupled his both testies for me to swallow.

And then I deepthroated him. Not because he asked me to. Not because I thought he’d like it. Because I wanted to. He slipped his fingers in my lacey panties and I could hear the astonishment in his voice when he said you’re all wet. I kept in place for a minute, hardly breathing at all through my nostrils, feeling his cock pulse in my throat and against my cheeks and tongue. He fingered me in an awkward postition and I came pretty much straight away. He laughed, but stayed still, let me do the work, all the decisions. I engulfed him again and couldn’t breath once more. I stayed there, so full, so strangely suffocated from inside my throat. Wonderboy started to play with my butt, he pulled on my panties so they snuck right where the sun doesn’t shine and suddenly I felt my whole body constract from a massive orgasm. I had to let the cock go and just lay there, on his side, spasming.

He laughed, surprised and asked me did you just come? Yep, I answered.

Then he took the initative, probably because I was a laughing and withering mess, and he fucked me so hard it was like we met yesterday. The fucking was only interrupted by the constant hissing sounds of my come shooting out of me when he pulled his cock back a bit.

Wonderboy was still, to this morning, ever so sure I was ovulating. I could see why. I was wet, he could fuck me as hard as he liked and all it did was make me come more. Like it used to be when we met. But I felt different. Something had shifted. We even did an ovulation test we still have from trying to get pregnant (that I bought accidently instead of a pregnancy one). The thing is. The test said I was ovulating, too. And a few hours ago my period finally started, only tree days late. Doesn’t explain the test showing up positive, and definately doesn’t explain what’s been going on. But I have a hypothesis.

I’m betting this is all because of the fantasy I had a week ago, after we had sex, when I was pleasuring myself. It was the first one in which I was me and he was him, and I knew exactly what I wanted. I didn’t hold back because I thought I should be fantasizing about something else, or I should be in acertain role, or that there were, really, any limitations to what I’d do or who’d I be. I fantasized about Wonderboy sneaking under the covers, between my legs, and pleasuring me with his tongue all the while saying how I’m not allowed to come. He’d then start to fuck me, still saying the same thing. God your hot, you feel so good. I’m going to come, but you can’t. Remember, that you can’t come.

Oh. But I already did.

And when he’s been pleasuring me since, every day, many times a day, I’ve just asked him to hold my thighs down or push on my tummy. He likes to do that when we fuck, too, put his hands on my tummy and put all his weight on them. Ah, but I digress. He’s also pushed my feet up in the air or held them down on the bed like I was spread like an eagle, sometimes just holding them down really close together and licking or fucking me trough the tiny cap they leave.

Holy shit. Suddenly I’ve forgotten why it was so hard just a minute, a week ago. I feel whole. I am inside the pleasure.


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