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Sweet Sleeping Beauty

I threw my clothes out of bed, and I did it all teasingly under the covers. I smiled at him my come and get me smile. I pulled him gently against me, all my soft places against his hot skin.

But he was tired. First day of work behind him after the vacation. He was exhausted. He smiled sleepily in my general direction, kissed my cheek, possibly missing my lips by accident, and then tip kissing my nose. Said some words.

Would you like me to play with you? he then suggested seeing I was against him shivering with anticipation.

I did, and then again, I couldn’t help but wonder. If he wouldn’t fuck me, it was a no brainer that I couldn’t get pregnant from that. It was a new twist I hadn’t expected. Was my lust somehow connected to the desire to conceive a child? Is this how evolution and biology has programmed me? Well, then. Screw evolution. Screw biology.

Yes, please, I said, or something to that effect, and he started to fondle me. He fondled my breast, sircling around my nipples in a teasing way, suddenly taking a quick hold of them, making me squirm. Then brushing again, gently. His other hand brushed the curly hair in my crotch. It felt nice and I drifter off to a sort of happy, content and harmoniously excited place. I noticed his hand had stopped. After I waited for a while he started to brush my breasts again with the same gentle strokes. Until they stopped again.

I listened to his breathing my head against his chest and realized he was sleeping. I then moved against his hand, and he woke up. He started to caress me again, like he had been awake all the time. It made me smile. He was not lost even for a split second. He asked then, had he fallen asleep. Yes, I laughed silently and kissed his chest and arm. He laughed.

Well, then. I’ll have to start licking you then, that will keep me up.

And it did.


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