BDSM, embracing pain, Submissive tendencies, What Women Really Want, Wonderboy

Free Fall

I will suffocate you with a pillow, he said in a low voice. And then I will fuck you in the ass so hard. So hard. And nothing you can do can change that. He said it all the while holding me by the throat, kissing me gently. Gentle fingers on my throat. Gentle whisper on my lips.

He took me by the hair and pushed me down to his cock. It was already heavy with blood, its veins visible and head up against his tummy. He pushed me more, to get into my throat, and made me gag. Every time I gagged, he took it out and slapped my face with it. After a while my whole face was covered with slime from my mouth and from his cock. There was saliva dangling from the corner of my mouth. He pinned my nostrils with his fingers when he got the cock back in my throat. I felt a wave building up in my pussy, in my belly, in me. My back pain stopped it from building to an orgasm, it was like a wall holding the orgasm back. And still. I shivered. I gagged, and as soon as the cock was out, tried to lick it, held my lips apart for it, sensually, awaiting.

When he finally climbed on top of me, he started to hit my breasts. He caged my hands on both sides of my breasts and when they held my tits up, he started to hit them. He hit so hard it actually hurt, not just tingled like usually. He fucked me so hard I thought his cock was going to be bent out of shape. I answered to every thing he did with an orgasm.

He hit my face. Slap. He hit again. Slap. Ant then thump. He looked at me, into my eyes, held my head, caressed my cheek and hair. And Slap. Slap. Slap.

He put a pillow on my face, positioned it on my nose and mouth, and cupped his hands. I could not breath trough it. I could not escape.

The orgasms threw me around. I twisted, I yelled, I screamed. And I looked at him. He is so beautiful. And he’s mine. Slap. Whore.

Then he started to pound me, really, deeply fuck me. It went on so long I thought he would never come, but I could feel the tension building up in his cock. It almost didn’t fit in me anymore.

And then. Boom. We both came and my pussy pushed his cock with a liquid burst almost out. And then he pushed it back in to savour the last moments before the inevitable fall.

We fell together.

The minute he came, and I came too, I started to feel pain in my cervix. A pain that very possibly just sent me sky high seconds earlier. It made me smile.

Damn! I forgot to fuck you up the butt! he disclaimed and laughed.

I’ll just have to do it next time.

Happy whimper.


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