Hyper-Sexual, Love, Wonderboy


He said: Oh, no. I haven’t played with myself since the vacation (which ended this monday). This is not good.

But it’s only been a couple, three days? Should you have played many times in that time?

Well. Yeah.

Dang. We have had sex a couple of times, too. Though I have to admit that one of those times was him just pleasuring me. But he was supposed to be the one with the lower libido!  It’s always the quiet ones.

What prompted the conversation was probably that I confessed to having played with myself yesterday. I was so horny that I couldn’t wait for you to get home. Nifty, gay incest stories, the trusted old gold finger and the massager that, incidently, was recommended by The Girl. Playing has become so… demanding. What ever happened to the delight of my fingers and my imagination. They are probably still there, I just don’t need them much. Fantasies we play out, and my fingers usually have somewhere to wiggle to, and it isn’t inside my body.

I saw it was a right decision, because he was tired and it didn’t seem likely that he was going to give me any. Masturbation is different from sex with someone you love, anyway, so it doesn’t really come in between of those things. At least, that’s what I think.

So, this morning when he woke up earlier than me, not usual by the way, and I heard the couch screeching under his weight, I thought that he was pleasuring himself. I tried to stay very still, so he wouldn’t be afraid that I’d barge in on him. Finally I heard the zipper zum up, and then he was on top of me to kiss and hug me before he went to work.

Were you playing with yourself? I asked hugging him.

He smiled and his eyes squinted from delight. No, I was dressing up. Oh yeah, when he’s tired it takes a while, so he sits on the couch to do it.

I thought you were and I was all quiet and still so you wouldn’t be afraid I’d come in.

He kissed me and hugged me tighter.

You are wonderful.

When he was on the door I shouted I love you and he shouted the same back.

Now I’m expecting to find a content and happy Wonderboy when I come back from work, later than him today.


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