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He didn’t wan to fuck me.

We had been cuddling, but it sort of waned as we waited. And waited. But nothing happened.

What happens now? I asked like I always do, when I’m waiting for the hot sex, but something seems to be off.

I don’t know, he said. Nothing I guess, he added and turned on his back, even farther away from me. I followed, didn’t let him lose my eyes.

What do you want to happen?

Well. I thought I was going to want to have sex, but. He looks at his crotch. Nothing’s stirring there.

But it has been ages since we last had sex! I say in a comic hyperbole. Weeks, no months!

We had sex two days ago, he says calmly.

Ages! A million years! It has been that long!

We had sex on sunday and I gave you oral yesterday morning. (Which is another story for another time…)

But it’s not the same, I can hear myself whining.

I pull him on me, but he stays on his hands even on top of me.

It will hurt you? he says like he’s asking me. I realize his worried.

It won’t hurt. Come on top of me.

Even laughing hurt a minute before, and I said ouch aloud. Now he’s sure I’m pregnant. Well, he’s been sure since the first time I mentioned I felt weird somewhere near my right ovary. It’s scary for him, if I’m pregnant. He doesn’t know how it feels. He is worried that the baby will break. That I’ll break. It’s all emotional, somewhere deep in is subconscious. But I see it. I call him on it and he admits, hides his face by cuddling against me.

I say, I might not be pregnant, you know. And what about my happiness anyway?

He could be right of course, but none of it matters now. I want sex. I want sex, even though I’ve used up tha charge from my selfhelp vibrator. He notices the charger and asks about it. And I tell him. I say: If we only have sex every third day our sex is only a sixth of my sex life. He asks then, so how much do you play with yourself? Two or three times a day, I aswer, unblinking.

I pull him on top of me and he gives in. Fuck me! Fuck me! I command him. I thrust my hips against him, and his soft cock falls between my legs. I grind against it. Fuckety-fuck-fuck-fuck, I say and thump myself against him.

He starts to get interested but is somehow very reserved. He asks if he should have played with himself before he got on top of me, to get ready, since I’m so horny already. We start talking about him watching porn and then just surprising me with a visit hard, panting. Just opening my legs and getting off right when he wants to. The talk springs his cock up. It sits neatly between my thigs, pushes against my pussy lips.

And then he opens me up, fucks me. He takes his cock out a few times and spits on his hands. He rapes me.

It is so wonderful I come twice.

In the shower I tell him, that he’ll just have to train me. Come and fuck me even if I don’t enjoy it in the moment. It is, after all, my fantasy, too. He says, Oh, train you, and grins an evil grin. Yeah, I’d like that too, I answer. He kisses me, and I get shaving cream on my face. He wipes it off with a gentle gesture, looks into my eyes like I was the most valuable thing in the world. All his to clean and shower. All his to train.

Training! My heart misses a beat.


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