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Tease And In Denial

Would you like me to lick you?

Umm. No.

Are you sure?

Yeah. I guess. You just haven’t excited me at all, thass all.

I’m on top of him and we are naked. He flicks the tip of his tongue on mine and then starts to lick my mouth from the inside. He raises his hand, I can’t see it because of the position I’m in, but I feel the tension. And then FLACK. My ass cheek! Yess. It’s funny. I look at him and try to hold my ground, but it’s impossible. I’m turned on. The involuntary pulses have begun.

He hits me a couple of times more, each time waiting for me to recognize that his hand is hovering in the air, aiming. FLACK. It send shivers down my arms, for some reason, that’s where I feel it this time. I pulse. He rips my asscheeks apart, pulls me to him, up on his tummy, and then binds me there. We both here the inevitable moist popping sound from my pussy lips when he plays with my ass.

I don’t even need, no, even want him to touch me there. I want him to not touch me. I want him to bind me and tease me. Oh God. I realize what I want. I want tease and denial! The thing I’ve always felt is the most unsexy thing in the world, the most weird and… somehow oddly intriguing. Of course. My secret crush on men in denial has its roots on my own secret quirks. I want it too!

Well. Not so much the denial, yet, I guess.

He then asks me again, looking at my lose lip dangling before his, waiting for a bite.

Would you like me to lick you?

Hmmm. The answer had changed.

Would you like to? (Sometimes I can be so coy!)

Just one more thing, said Colombo, my all time favourite in the old television series. So said I.

But you have to torture me.

What do you mean?

Well, don’t give me what I want. Tease me.

He started gently to kiss the lips of my cunt, not even parting them to avoid the hairs from being in the way.

Yeahh. Just like that.

That’s what I wanted, and he gave it to me, just like that. That’s all folks!


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