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When You Talk About Rape

I’m gathering my thoughts after much drama. All is again well in the house on the hill, but I will have to get back to you on that. Meanwhile I encourage you to visit the Pervocracy. Holly has written a brilliant, sarcastic post about rape apologists and had a flow of comments.

First post: The People You Meet When You Talk About Rape.

Second post: Seven poinst on Rape, Prevention, and Blame.

Holly’s point is basicly that people can be a whole lotta skewed, blind and dumb when it comes to someone else’s tragedy. And there’s one in particular that causes people to throw around accusations when they should be helping and emphasizing. I could not handle the fire she’s been put under for writing what she did. And I don’t really even understand it. She’s funny and smart and writes well. But it’s not like no one’s ever, ever said anything like this before. Why is she attacked so?

Go find out while a breath a little.


3 thoughts on “When You Talk About Rape

  1. mousie762 says:

    Sorry for the off-topic comment, but you haven’t posted in a while; I hope everything is OK. Your last post wasn’t too upbeat. If you need an anonymous unemployed housebound stranger to talk to singly instead of the whole Web, my Blogger profile contains my e-mail (my name at gmail).

  2. Hey, thanks Mousie. Everything is… building up again. Slowly. It’s not where we left it, at all, but we will be much stronger together, when we can leave this behind. Also, we just bought a flat, a real life my own and his own apartment, so it’s been crazy with the designing of things and choosing paints. It’s not all so bad, although it was for a while.

    Thanks for caring. I promise I’ll try to write a bigger post this weekend to tell some where we’re at now.

  3. mousie762 says:

    I’m glad to hear it’s building up again! Like you said, getting through a problem can make your relationship stronger. Every relationship has problems, and when you run into them in the future you’ll know that you two are stronger than the problem.

    Good luck with the apartment design!

    Sometimes writing about things helps you understand them, and that’s what I do a lot on my blog. But if that’s not going to help you, don’t feel like you owe a bigger post to us out here. Yeah, I sort of asked, but I’d hate to think you felt pressured to write; you already replied and you’ve got enough to concentrate on.

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