Coming out, Craving for more, Submissive tendencies

Getting There

We are in the shower. Wonderboy is washing his hair and I’m fiddling with the knobs to get the water even warmer without him noticing. He’s such a pain wimp, and I love it when the water is so hot it almost hurts. Which reminds me…

ME: Guess what was best?

WB: When I licked you and you came?

ME: Oh yeah. Well that too. But I meant while we were fucking.

WB: What then?

ME: When, in the end, you fucked me so hard it hurt and I kept saying ayayayayayay. I almost came.

WB: Really? I was all uncertain about it.

ME: I guess it is a little difficult to tell the bad ayayayay from the good ayayayay. I’ll try to say something next time.

A moment of silence.

ME: It’s just so scary to want to be hurt. I might get scared.

I raise my hands to cover my mouth and look up at him smiling nerviously.

WB: If you look like that you won’t have to say anything.

He looks at me like he could eat me, lowers himself to kiss me and pulls me to his naked and wet body. Then he wraps his hand around his puffed dick and says, See. It got like this because it likes hurting too. The he hits me with it on the stomach. I turn so he can pound my asscheeks too.

Ouch! he yelps.

Oh no, I say. You’re not supposed to get hurt.

But I am.




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