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Beautiful And Wanted

We had nothing in the fridge. Few eggs and a guacamole. I decided to brave the storm, the snow and the cold, even though it was late. I wanted to share the evening snack with Wonderboy and end the weekend with more than a yellowish light from the empty fridge. I put on wool leggins, ordinary leggins, shirt after shirt. Finally I stood there in the doorway my hands stuffed apart from my body like the Michelin-man. I put the hood on and said: I need a kiss before I go. Wonderboy raised his head from the dishes he was doing and suddenly his expression changed.

You’re so beautiful, he said breathily. He braised the hair that run out from under my hood and across my chest, the big chunky chest of my insulation winter jacket which is not very flattering to the shape. Then he kissed me.

I don’t even have any make up on and I’m dressed like this. I raised my hands to show him what I was wearing, what I looked like. I had my glasses on, no make up, some jojoba oil still on my skin from washing it and the buffed up wardrobe. But he already knew, he’d already seen it.

To him I am the most beautiful woman alive.

This is why I’m happy that for once in my life I went to talk to the most beautiful man in the world, and didn’t settle for the okay nice guys. He turned out to be nice, beautiful and combatible. I’ve never felt so beautiful and wanted as I do with him.


6 thoughts on “Beautiful And Wanted

  1. mousie762 says:

    I know so many women, beautiful ones, who have serious self-image problems; in many cases despite what their husbands tell them. It’s great to hear from someone who knows her husband is telling her the truth as he sees it. And if you ever doubt it, don’t; trust me, he is.

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  3. Well, Wonderboy really can’t hide it, and the admiration is mutual. I’ve just in recent years come to the realisation that not all men want skinny chiks. Wonderboy is one of them. Admittedly I’m not L or even always M, but I’m way too tiny to be carrying this weight if the entertainment industry is to be believed.

    Incidently, I don’t watch a lot of television (I don’t own one anymore) but when I do I’m always kind of shocked because the actresses (and actors too) are so thin they seem unhealthy to a severe degree. It just doesn’t fit my idea of beauty anymore.

    I’ve also come to the realisation that I’m what you’d generally see as pretty or beautiful, (cute is the furthest I’d go myself) I just never really understood it, because I was too busy trying to be one of the guys.

    I don’t always feel pretty, I feel ugly a lot of the time (always in the fitting room), but I don’t think that really has so much to do with my looks but more with the fact I don’t fit the ideal. And sometimes it’s just an emotionally dragging day.

    Today I feel very pretty indeed, and because of that it was easy to write this answer and the blog post. On another day the answer could’ve been different.

  4. mousie762 says:

    A lot of times I think my feelings are unusual for a man. One thing I think is usual is the way I offer compliments. I’ve had lots of opportunity to observer the way men do that. And that’s how I can tell Wonderboy is telling you the deep truth; the way you think it comes out of nowhere, the way it is accompanied with look and touch.

    That’s something I’m sure of.

  5. Oh yes. That spellbound look is something I don’t think anyone could fake, and of course touching means admiration. 🙂

    I used to hate my wide pelvis until I noticed that my partners always seemed to run their hands up and down over that extreme swerve from my waist to my hip. It began to dawn on me that men do indeed like body types other than what they see on tv.

    Normally I would tell people to find a sense of self-esteem within themselves and not rely on other people’s opinions, but honestly, getting fucked by someone who obviously enjoys your body is the quickest and best way to realize you’re…well, fuckable.

  6. That’s just it! Of course people have different tastes, and the wide pelvis is like a biological weapon for knocking down straight guys. It’s nice ass -> good sex -> healthy babies. I don’t have a wide pelvis, it’s actually quite moderate, and I’d so want one to feel really feminine. It’s the best curve in the female body, in my opinnion. And I guess many men would agree.

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