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Beautiful And Wanted, vol 2

We were fighting for space in our crammy doorway. He was looking for his hat and I was putting on my big ole winter jacket which apparantly grants +2 charisma. I pulled my hair from under the collar and let it fall freely on my back. When I turned to face him Wonderboy was reaching his hand to my hair and could only muster Wow.

He combed his fingers through my hair in silent admiration, and because I’m a practical person, and it was the early morning, and it was so funny that only hair can do that to him, I said:

I just washed it.

And then we went to work.


3 thoughts on “Beautiful And Wanted, vol 2

  1. mousie762 says:

    I’m not sure why he likes the winter jacket; but here’s my guess. It brings up associations of playing in the snow, when he was too young to do anything with a girl but old enough to be curious. I seem to remember you do some young girl play sometimes; perhaps try acting like a young girl curious about boys in your big jacket and see where it goes.

  2. Those are really good points. Wonderboy does seem to appreciate me more, when I’m dressed real casually or girly. Of course he would! I just didn’t think about it, before you mentioned it.

    And yeah, that’s the biggest hit with us, when I’m playing a little girl. Ah, reminds me. I should write a post about the thing that followed… To be continued. 😉

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