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Kissing Is Better Than Orgasms

Wonderboy’s sick, as you can see from my last post. He’s sick and I’m not. So, yesterday evening I was humming silently inside, and I was almost certain he wasn’t. But I gathered all my emotional strength and went to him anyway. I’m trying to open up, trying really hard not to shield myself from rejection I’m only assuming will take place. So I went to him.

He was lying on the bed listening to music. When I climbed on top of him, he put the earphones on my head, and there was some great trippy hiphop stuff playing. I started dancing on top of him, kissing him. He kissed me back passionately. I grinded myself against his mound, against all possible erections, but none came.

We kissed for a time, and then I had to ask. I stumbled. Eh, you wouldn’t want to. Play… or anything? You’re too sick, right?

Yeah. You’ll just have to go play by yourself.

He kissed me some more and them ushered me out of the room. I could see him from the couch, and he could see me.

I’m waiting, he said laughing a bit as he said it.

I can’t do it like this! I said. It’s too embarrassing!

He positioned himself so that he wouldn’t see me and sent me a kiss. I played, of course, for a while, but it wasn’t anything special. It had been more exciting to just kiss and dance with him (or on him). Watching porn, some lame-ass-unsatisfactory-yet-adequate for their purposes self-fuck videos. Though some are good, it just was so unenthralling I couldn’t believe it. Watching something from the flat screen of my laptop, when Wonderboy was right there and so wonderful and warm and exciting.

After I went to cuddle with him. But it built up to be a passionate kiss-fest.

Why are you so passionate all of a sudden? I asked, even though I wasn’t complaining.

It’s the extacy that comes after sex, he answered. And you kind of taste like sex. And you kissed me so hard it was exciting, like you were so excited, he answered and smiled.

I am. You make me, I said and kissed him again, hard on the lips, hard with my tongue, and he was equally hard with his.

We did share a sexual experience after all. He was well content with my orgasm as if we were the same. And I got to kiss Wonderboy. It made me so happy.


12 thoughts on “Kissing Is Better Than Orgasms

  1. jnakabb says:

    Great finish – sex (solo or together) is a great aphrodisiac. Maybe a release of pheremones or something ?

    Here’s to staying in the same room next time !

  2. Thanks jnakabb! We’ve done some masturbating together, too – we call it playing – but when someone is as sick as Wonderboy now, it’s too much to participate or even get excited. It was safe for him to kiss afterwards, because he knew I wouldn’t expect anything more… The mind is a mysterious thing. 🙂

    I believe post-orgasmic lust might be the doings of oxytocin, but who knows what hormones are at play when sex is in question. Your guess is as good as mine.

  3. I realized that you could read the ending two ways, so I made it a little clearer. Our sexual experience this time, was just sharing the sexual energy and contedness of my orgasm. It just reached us both.

  4. jnakabb says:

    Thanks for carrying on the thread.

    Funny how post-orgasmic contentment can go (not sure its oxytocin as it seems to work for both sexes) – turn on, ignore or cuddles. Glad you got to share the latter.

    Hope Wonderboy is “up” and about soon. Enjoy your caring role in the meantime – it’ll continue to deepen your relationship and commitment to each other, which can only be a good thing.

  5. mousie762 says:

    You do tell beautiful stories.

    One thing that my wife and I used to do sometimes that I remember fondly was kissing and cuddling when only one of us was masturbating. Before the wedding it was her masturbating and me cuddling because I felt that was fine if she wanted to do it but I’d abstain from that too. Afterwards it was her cuddling and me masturbating when she was too tired or not feeling well. Early in the marriage that would only happen infrequently, and it was really nice then instead of nothing.

  6. jnakabb,

    Hope Wonderboy is “up” and about soon.

    Hear, hear. He was “up” this morning, and we even had a short conversation about how I would feel if he would play with himself. Pretty bad right now, because I’m so desperate for his touch. So, he promised to “save himself” for me. 🙂 Which made me happy happy joy joy. Now I’m just playing the waiting game.

    And it is incredible how the same feeling can lead to turning your back or to cuddling and feeling even more loved. Everything really is in our head.

  7. Wow, thanks, Mousie. I always feel kind of inadequate about my writing here, because english isn’t my native tongue, so I don’t get to express everything just the way I would like. So thank you. That makes me feel much better.

    That, what you describe, is really beautiful. And I love it. It was such a new thing to me, but with Wonderboy I’ve been able to open up and enjoy myself like that too. He has also done the same, but he usually seems to prefer blowjobs over masturbating, even though him not giving me a chance to touch him is incredibly and excruciatingly exciting.

  8. mousie762 says:

    I always feel kind of inadequate about my writing here, because english isn’t my native tongue, so I don’t get to express everything just the way I would like.

    Your grammar and spelling aren’t always perfect, but that’s true for a lot of native English speakers. I never guessed this wasn’t your native tongue.

    but he usually seems to prefer blowjobs over masturbating

    Well, gee, who wouldn’t! Masturbating was for when she didn’t feel up to doing anything active. Also once in a while just as a show for the other’s benefit.

  9. jnakabb says:

    I’m always happy to “put on a show”. Even more fun when the audience decides to participate or becomes so engrossed that we end up with sex for both of us !

    Sadly, my wife is shy about masturbation so has done so for me only once. Then again, if she’s horny, she only needs to reach out and I’m ready to engage in full sex.

    Hope Wonderboy’s head and body are back to normal before long so you can get back to touching him.

  10. Hope Wonderboy’s head and body are back to normal before long so you can get back to touching him.

    It is now…

    I’m always happy to “put on a show”.

    You’ve got my attention. 😉

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