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He doesn’t say no

After he fucked me, again from behind, but this time slowly, I caressed his buttocks and I told him.

I want to fuck you with a thing like that. A strap-on.

He was joking about strap-ons that ladies can use on gentlemen, so it wasn’t completely out of the blue.

We are so filled with the excitement of our mutual orgasm, an orgasm, that just kept on pulsating and flexing us for a good old five minutes or so. (I didn’t know men could come that long!) He even had to fuck me, slowly, some more after we’d orgasmed, because the orgasm wouldn’t stop!

I guess it was just crafty that I’d pull the strap-on subject in a situation like that.

I’m sure you’d like it. You like it so much when I lick you down there.

I had certain evidence from just a half an hour ago. His little hole had been under my tongue’s piercing power for a good minute or two before I’d advanced back to the balls. Oh, I just love it when his anus answers my quests with pulsing. It’s like having a guy and a girl at the same time. I just really get off on anal play – with a person who has a cock.

You think so? he asks.

Yeah. It doesn’t have to be like the biggest dildo on the market or anything. It can be fairly small, too… And you’ve already fucked my ass with your huge cock.

Yeah, true, he admits and then admits even further. It’s kind of scary, though. Bit of a scary thought.

We don’t have to do it today… Except I happen to have this here… I reach for a dildo that obviously isn’t there and we both start laughing. After the laughter fades I brush his hair from his forehead, gently.

I’d really like to do it. I’d love to make you come like that.

And then things go all mushy, because we just kiss and kiss and kiss. But he doesn’t say no.

He doesn’t say no!


2 thoughts on “He doesn’t say no

  1. jnakabb says:

    I’m glad he’s open-minded (and glad you had the “balls” to ask).

    Just a couple of ideas.

    Have you tried butt plugs (either of you), before moving onto thrusting penetration ?

    Maybe he could practice with the dildo a bit first, before you strap it on. That way, he can get used to the feel on his own (um, apparently) before you switch.

    Have fun playing !

  2. The problem is that he doesn’t like any artificial implements. When he plays with me, he wants to use his hands or his cock, and nothing else. He wants to feel skin. I do too, but if I’d want to fuck him, I’d have to have something… more. It’s just that he doesn’t want anything artificial, it’s too scary, and I’m kind of fidgety about using my fingers on him fulltime. We’ve done it a couple of times, but I always end up tearing him with my fingernails or something.

    Maybe just a small buttplug… 😀

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