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Is bigger better?

Ozymandia happened to mention cock size, and I was there faster than a sea breeze. I was writing an epic response to the matter at hand, but then I decided to bring the discussion here, because the comment got so long.

I’ve had some experience on cocks of different sizes, and I’ve always felt the need to tell someone, how it has felt to me as a very tiny woman to take it all in. But I’ll start from the small ones, ’cause I know you’re out there wondering.

I’ve had sex with two different guys who had a dick roughly the size of my pinkie. My hands are tiny by the way. The first one hurt, because I wasn’t very aroused, when it happened. The second made me come – though he offered to fuck my ass, because You won’t come like this, I’m sure. I did feel the need for a more intense experience after it was all over, and the realisation made me happy I didn’t end up in a relationship with him. (For completely different, emotional reasons.) It would have been a huge issue in our relationship in the long run, I’m sure, because it was hard to feel enough, when I was fully aroused.

I’ve had sex with three guys that had exceptionally big dicks, each in their unique way, and one guy who had a really long, slender dick.

The first big experience was bad, because P, the guy the dick was hanging from, had clearly never heard of a clitoris. He was also my first, and it didn’t go all that smoothly with his big ass club dangling and poking everywhere. What I learned from him was, that if you have a big dick, you think you don’t need much else to fulfill a girl. He was wrong.

The biggest, fattest dick only went in halfway, and the guy kept asking for anal, because he wasn’t quite fulfilled. Anal didn’t work with a dick like that, either, but I ended up really sore. He hadn’t heard of foreplay, clitoris or communicating, either. But the cock looked impressive. Except it didn’t fully inflate and sort of pointed down, even aroused. He also mentioned that after 2-5 fucks he gets bored, and wants to change partners. He kept asking me questions about his size and number. Seemed like the biggest cock and the biggest insecurity dwelled in the same man. I felt kind of sorry for him.

The really long one was totally annoying and hurt like hell. It was also the least fulfilling of the bunch. It didn’t touch the outer ring of my pussy but a little, but it hit the cervix real good! Yay!

Though there were at least two more I want to talk about the last one. The one I married. (Well, not the cock, the man, but the cock came with the deal I’m happy to inform you.) Wonderboy.

First time we ever had sex (the night we met) was so wet, steamy and wonderful that I was hooked. Hooked – I’m telling you! It was because he seemed to listen to me and my body. He’d take his time, was hesitant to touch, didn’t make any assumptions and was very thorough and inventive with his hands. But there was one more thing. His cock was so fat, that ar first it didn’t go all in. The first fifteen minutes we fucked it was shallow and excruciatingly arousing. I’d come 10 times before he even started building up his orgasm.

The cock finally went all in, when I’d had a couple of orgasms. (Or was it after the first? I’m not sure anymore.) But then another thing happened. The super fat cock didn’t quite fit into the normal sized condom we had, and the condom finally slipped out of control and into my vagina. (And I’ve heard all the stories about condoms being able to hold up to a gallon of water etc., but it doesn’t really help, if the condom doesn’t break but just rolls off while fucking motion has begun.) I didn’t realize it then, but I found it in the morning while peeing. I found out that Wonderboy has a particulary big shaft base.

His penis is not otherwise monstrous. It’s beautiful and I like it, because it makes me feel good and it’s his, but it’s not so much because it’s big. Sometimes it looks pretty small, not larger than some of the guys who stayed the same size when erect, too. He’s admitted to measuring it, when he was younger, and finding out that he’s a bit above the average. I’d thought as much.

And still. At first he didn’t want me to touch it or acknowledge it in any way, when it wasn’t erect. He was ashamed of it and wore boxers and only took them of when he was under the covers.

I changed all that. Not a day goes by that I don’t admire it, pat it, kiss it and say how much I love it. And still.

We watched the show World’s biggest penis, and after watching how the well endowed poor, sad buggers who had nothing else in their lives, Wonderboy couldn’t make love to me. He was suddenly… anxious about his size! No matter how much I’ve enjoyed his cock these years, no matter what I’ve said and how I commented on the guys with big penises (scary, sad). He felt inadequate.

It must be quite deeply ingraved into the minds of young men, that the bigger the better – person – because Wonderboy is certainly not a caveman type of a guy. He’s usually happy with just my love and approval, he doesn’t need the whole world to say he’s wanted. This got me completely off guard. I couldn’t really understand it. Of course I couldn’t say, that sex had been pretty good with smaller cocks, and pretty bad with bigger. I could just say, that I love his cock, and it satisfies me, so what is he actually worrying about – appearence? For whom?

I have to say that I prefer the average sized penis to the micro, but I’m sure those kind of preferences can be overlook, if someone is in love. I know that Wonderboy wishes I had a bigger mouth, but he’s not looking for a new partner, because of it!

And that’s all I have to say about penises. For now.

This is a great article on the Anatomy of the Penis. Foreskin is my friend, big, small or medium.

Added link:

Hugo Schwyzer on Sir Richard’s condom company, Top 5 penis myths.


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