BDSM, Fantasies


So, how do you really want to play?

You could tie me to the lamp hook, hit me and tease me…

That sound a bit scary.

You could just tie my hands and be my stepfather, whose gonna do a super bad thing.

No! That’s too evil.

Well, then you could be a customer who negotiates a rope scene, but then starts to fuck without a condom and forces anal sex when she’s binded.

I could?


To get here I had to ask and ask and ask again, what it was that he wants. Is there something he needs, but isn’t getting? He wouldn’t say anything except I don’t know, but he would bite his lip and I’d know, that something was. Missing.

Finally he admitted. We never do things we used to do.

What things? Anal sex?

He says he doesn’t know.

And you never wear anything anymore.

Would you like me to wear something? The garter belt and stockings? A short skirt and a tank top?

Just the stockings.

And heels?

Yes. The black heels. I like them.

Shall I go put them on? Now?


And he tied me with the rope by my wrists and fucked me without a condom. Fucked my ass and came. And the black pumps stayed on the whole time.


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