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Little words

As we’ve been fighting, we’ve been progressing. Wonderboy has had to take into consideration, that I need more of certain kinds of stimulation to get into the mood. You might call it d/s stuff or s/m stuff, but I’d just rather call it foreplay. Because it’s what I need. It might be small in appearence. Commanding me. Binding me with hands or rope. Slapping me. Forcing my body or face to a certain position. Choking me. Threatening me with things to come. Even him jerking his own cock can be foreplay for me, if it’s done right like today.

I have had to face, that for all the progress in my emotional negotiating capabilities, I’m still quite dumb when it comes to the things I want in sex. Now my assignment is to say everything I possibly can, give feedback on the most basic things and to show my enthusiasm. My responsibility is also to guide Wonderboy out of something I don’t like into something I like.

Like today, for example, when Wonderboy started licking me after he’d come. (I had also come, but quite a while before, so it doesn’t count.) Before, I would’ve just tried to fantasize about something no matter what he was doing and how he was doing it. I would’ve only gathered the courage to guide him, if I wasn’t feeling literally anything or if he was hurting me. I said, straight out, that I felt so randy he had to also use his fingers. After a really short while I realised I wanted ass play, so I said so. And kept on politely asking for him to do it quicker, harder, guiding his fingers and their position inside me.

It was wonderful in so many ways, and not least because I saw how he was able and willing to do anything I asked of him.  When I came I yelped that I’m gonna come, because he said he needed to hear where I was and what was happening so he could really pleasure me. After I’d come he came up to me, kissing and hugging and was sort of turned on again. He told me it had been really hot, how I had said I was gonna come. He then kept on talking about, how hot it might be if one day I would just yell harder, harder instead of politely and shyly asking if he could possibly do it a bit harder, please.

It made me realize, how excruciating it must have been to be sexual with me. He has literally sometimes had to go without almost no guidance. No wonder he has always asked, how I’m doing, is everything alright and did I have fun, when it’s over. It’s not always enough for me to make noises, sometimes I have to use words too.

Today Wonderboy played with me for a good 15 minutes before I went down on him. He slapped my butt and held my head, and did everything I’ve asked of him. So did I. I also teased his asshole for a minute, first with my finger, but that made the boner drop, so I licked it a lot. I know he likes it, he’s just afraid of what else it might bring. Still, it was all good and we got quickly back on the exciting track.

I reminded myself many times to state my feelings out loud, so there was more than usual of the I love the way your cock feels, that feels so good, oh God it’s big, yeah, do it just like that, yes, yes, yes! (And no, no, no… Somehow always slips from these lips.) But it really seemed to make a difference. He got more aroused and I got more of what I wanted. He bit my tits so hard it hurt, and it was wonderful!

Everything is so much nicer like this, he said after. You are so much nicer.

What a huge difference a little more words can make!


3 thoughts on “Little words

  1. jnakabb says:

    We all need a little encouragement from time to time, especially when breaking new ground or establishing new patterns. Well done and keep it coming !

  2. It seems so obvious… So, why is it so hard? It’s a lot nicer to be around someone, who says those little things out loud, so why not be that nice person too?

    And that thing about breaking new ground is especially important here seeing that we seem to be breaking new ground a lot in our sex life because of the BDSM hues. It’s a new river every time.

    And thanks.

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