Hyper-Sexual, Unanticipated Satisfaction, Volatile bodies, Wonderboy

Sucking and hairsplitting

We fucked and fucked and fucked, but it just wasn’t happening. We were too exhausted from the last couple of days. It didn’t feel right, though we did all the right things.

The day before yesterday he made me come by just hitting my ass. I felt the quick, warm stream of cum make its way from my pussy to the sheets. He didn’t blink an eye, just rolled me over and took me.

But yesterday all the same manouvers brought us nothing. Finally he asked: what do we do now? Would you like me to suck you some more? I asked. He nodded his head, first hesitantly and then smirking. Well, what do ya think? I went down there, sucking his cock into my mouth without touching it with my hands, let it go and said: You can tell me, if you want me to stop. It’s okay, if it doesn’t work out. He smiled and laid back and I started sucking for my dear life.

It’s funny. I never used to suck his cock. I’d just lick it and move it in my mouth and kind of mold it with my cheeks, tongue and lips. He used to be really sensitive, so I only sucked a bit, sometimes. But now. Now I sucked and moved my head in the same rhythm. He moaned and went rigid, but wasn’t getting there. My jaw was already getting tired and I knew this would end soon. I started sucking as hard as I can. He made a noise and his cock sprang from my mouth as he came totally unexpectedly. His whole body cramped to almost an u position on the bed. I catched his cock in a heartbeat, sucked it in again and flew my hand up there with his nuts and perineum.

Seconds later I discovered a large gob of semen above my left boob and some in my hair, which was wet with saliva anyway. The kinks of long hair, I’m telling you. It gets everywhere, it’s always in the way. When we kiss, it’s first in my mouth, then his, then my eye, then his nostrils. If it weren’t for the whole super sexy super woman aspect of having natural bouncy big wavy hair, I’d shave it all off. Again.

And giving a blowjob? I have to wash my hair before even thinking about going out. I’ve come to the conclusion, that there’s a reason most porn actresses have such unbelievably hairsprayed hair. It doesn’t move! It doesn’t get in the way!

Don’t you know what the first rule about sleeping with prostitutes is? I asked him running my fingers through my hair while he cleaned my boob area with a napkin and a kiss.

I guess not, he said.

You never come on the hair!

Then we did a happy dance and went to the shower together. The end.


2 thoughts on “Sucking and hairsplitting

  1. jnakabb says:

    Semen seems to be a super-viscous, self-replicating fluid. There’s supposedly to be only a couple of teaspoons (unless you’re boosting your volume like some pornstars) and the results in a lab pot are ego-crushingly small, but like sand at the beach, it can get everywhere.

    The same can be said for your period – a few millilitres that seem to find their way through numerous tampons, pads, clothes and linen if not kept in check.

    And then there’s the running gag from There’s Something About Mary

  2. True, true. There was once this whole red blood handprint on the sheets after we had sex, and when Wonderboy cleaned my ass, the whole towel was red with blood. And supposedly there’s only a certain amount of it.

    And semen can change form! The runny semen gets everywhere, and then it gets sticky just when you’re tying to get rid of it!

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