Love, Wonderboy


This is going to be really unsexy. Just saying.

We’ve both been so cornered by our job situation(s), that we have effectively had no time for sex this week. It’s a long time for us, and when Wonderboy yesterday remarked that we haven’t had intercourse in two days – he used the formal word to make it less powerful – we knew we had to do something about it. When I was driving home I had this daydream about having this sort of new technology which would allow for a vibrator to starts pulsing in my pussy every time Wonderboy was having a boner. It was a nice thought and kept me almost awake until I got home. I’d be linked to him even if he was away, and I could enjoy his enjoyment even if it wasn’t with me.

Too little time and energy for sex makes for super daydreaming!

I didn’t answer him, I just started kissing him passionately. We kissed some, but he had something he still wanted to do, before, so I ate my evening snack (it was about 8 pm…) and curled under my laptop to watch Sex and the City from a DVD. Later on he came back, stripped and curled under the covers with me. (I think he thought I was watching porn. His expression was funny like that.)

We started fucking like we have recently. I was on top and he was commanding me to fuck him. It’s incredibly sexy, all the little noises and flexed muscles and his breath and the gentlest hands on me, guiding my movements. And I was about to come, I swear, I just couldn’t muster up the energy for the finale. So I didn’t. Finally he changed positions to doggy style, which usually makes him come. But no. He was worried about me not coming and didn’t quite feel like it anymore.

We talked about it a while and I started to drift of… It was 8.35 PM after all! I then asked him, what he’d need now, and he said Well, some licking, I guess. I thought about it, but I just couldn’t see myself going down on him. I was so tired my limbs were already sleepily drugged. He then asked me, quite harshly, do you want to sleep?

I just said yes. I was too tired.

This is where the story ends. I fell asleep and he went away to do what he needed to do. I’m still asleep down there. I don’t ever remember going this long without an orgasm, if I wasn’t sick or on some medication. I’m so glad there’s only one week until vacation. I need to fuck him and come, and he needs it too.


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