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Giving Oral

He’s too tired to fuck he says, but he’ll come and cuddle me naked anyway. I can hear him washing up in the bathroom. That’s a clear sign. Oral sex. He’s cleaning himself up for me.

I love giving oral sex. I haven’t given any since I came back. I either had a zit on my lip or a herpes, once again, and we didn’t want to risk it. But we have been fucking. Incredibly intense, hard fucks. Still, I do feel like something’s amiss, when I can’t eat him too. I miss his cock.

He comes to the bedroom, naked and smiling, and makes his proposal. But when he does, I’m already eyeing his cock. It’s small now, just lying there on his thigh. I give a little happy sigh and approach it.

When I suck the head of his cock, moving my head back and fort with a little hop so it gets every inch of attention I can give, he sighs how good it feels, keeps looking at me with his lust blackened eyes. My fingers start wondering, playing with his balls and then the luscious ass crack. The holy grail.

He goes stiff. What are you doing? he asks in a playful voice. I answer that I’m only playing. We keep going and the cock twitches from pleasure, when I caress his asshole. But he just keeps going stiff. (No pun intended here, sadly.)

I’m not going to put anything in. I’m just trying to make you enjoy yourself. The cock likes it, I say, when the cock bounces once again from my touch to the scrotum.

I just can’t seem to relax, he answeres and I leave the ass alone. What the hell. It’s his problem, if he can’t handle what he enjoys. (Hmm. Sounds oddly familiar doesn’t it?) I almost wonder, if he’s read my posts about wanting to peg him so much. But I don’t think he has. He’s just that scared of being violated, just like I was.

He’s gone a little limb, so I say that it’s my turn now, and he will get his share in the end. If I feel like it. I smile evily. Tables are turned. Trees fall. Families gather around the open fire. He flips his cock in front of my mouth. He takes a hold of my neck. You like to lick it, don’t you? he asks and I do, so I do.

He asks me to lick him down there after I’ve already got lock jaw, so I happily oblige. But I’m not sure what I’m being asked for, so I say so. You have to be precise about what you want. He asks me to suck his balls, then lick them, and then. He says nothing but his ass moves up and when my head naturally goes down, closes in on the Holy Grail, he pushes his ass to my face. Oh.

I start licking, and once or twice he moves his hips so my tongue is back on the scrotum and the balls, but then he moves again and I fall back to the asshole. I feel it moving, opening up. I feel it pulsing, when I find the right small, quick movement from side to side. He encourages me, Yeah, just like that. I get turned on by his tone of voice, like he’s close. It’s so urgent, so filled with pleasure.

He masturbates and I lick like hell. I can feel him getting close, it’s all pulsing and hardening and then he stops whacking his cock. I keep going, quick and merciless, because I know my boy. He wants to delay it. It gets me so hot I almost come, I keep gyrating my hips against the bed. Nothing touches me except the sweet sense of his denial, trying to hold it in.  And then he starts on the cock again and he explodes. His ass pulses and pulses and pulses. I can feel him coming through his elarged scrotum, through the pulse and the tensed body.

It’s my turn. He teases me with his tongue, almost not touching, sometimes giving a long lick and then just breathing on my cunt, licking it in so small licks that it’s like the wings of a butterfly. I keep thinking about how he came, how he tried to fight it. And then I come.

And we are both so happy. What wonderful sex there is to be had, when you’re not worried, how it’ll look to someone else.


2 thoughts on “Giving Oral

  1. You mean… the pregnancy thing?

    Thank you so much. Me too.

    I did hastily take a test already, but it’s still very early. My period isn’t due until next week (I guess, the cycle’s a little off), so the negative answer I got didn’t really sadden me. Especially since I have a hard time sleeping because of the nausea. It’s just keeps getting worse. But I noticed today that I can help it by eating carbohydrates. Whole wheat, here I come.

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