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Just A Little Doll

He puts my hand against his like in some silly ritual. I’m on top of him, we’re cuddling with clothes on. My least favorite kind of cuddling. I’ve hinted at the fact that we’ll have guests tomorrow…

…So we should fuck today? he asks. How very perceptive.

Okay, now you have to swear that you’ll be celibate until Saturday. (The next day we’ll get to ourselves.)

I swear, he says and then waits for me.

I’m not gonna swear to that! What does it mean? No orgasms? No sex?

No sex.

But if we want to have sex on Friday, if we get the chance?

Just swear, I’ll swear too. I swear… that I’ll be celibate… until saturday.

I won’t! I laugh.

Nah, you’re no fun, he says and is about to turn from me. And suddenly swearing not to have sex has turned into a game. A game that turns us on. Wait, I say. Wait, I’ll do it. I swear and we start to kiss with tongues. So passionately that he laughs a little. Wait, what?

He laughs again and starts to take off his briefs.

I guess we can lose these now that we’ve sworn… he says.

His cock is quickly in the entrance to my cunt and it feels amazing. I can feel everything so excruciatingly well. I crave for him. I crave for him to stay, not move. I crave to move. He fucks me slowly moving my hips against his. Then he orderes me.

Get off me. His voice is nice, even, so I do as I’m told.

Fetch the lube and lube up my cock real good.

I do as I’m told and what thrills there are for that simple little pleasure. More, he says and then he just sighs in deligh when I quickly rub my hands over his cock’s head over and over.

Okay, come on top of me now, he commands.

It’s so simple that in the moment I don’t question him for a second. We don’t need the collar for me to do as he commands. He doesn’t need it now. He doesn’t say please or try to humour me into doing these things. He flat out orderes me to.

He can see how turned on I am by his actions, merely words. They make a world of difference. They are the power play.

He tells me then that I’m his little doll. I love this play. It’s my favorite, so much so that I’m getting turned on now, writing about it. Doll’s got to do whatever he says and how he guides me. That’s the deal. We kiss first passionately, but then he licks my mouth from outside in. I know this. I stop moving my mouth, my tongue keeps still. He licks with these great draws and I can feel how ragged his tongue is. It turns me on so much that I whimper in his mouth.

He takes my hair in his hand, a big ponytail that he can move me by, and moves my body up from his. I gasp. He starts to hit my ass. And then…

And then he fingers my ass a bit. It’s sore, but I get so excited about his fingers that I start breathing very quickly. He fucks me with his fingers and with his cock, I think he still holds me up from the ponytail with another hand. (There can’t be more, can there?) And he keeps on licking my mouth like it’s a doll’s mouth. Unmoving.

I come so hard everything goes black. I come and come and come. It doesn’t end. He’s keeping me there, tending to my orgasm, although dolls arent’s supposed to come. That’s part of the attraction.

And then there he is again, still horny, with olive eyes, watching me. Not smiling.

You want me to fuck you in the ass, don’t you. I’ll probably just fuck you in the ass. I haven’t decided yet.

He licks his fingers again to get them in more deep, and I don’t stop to think were they’ve been when he licks my face again. There’s really no space for hygiene in my mind, but he says, I wonder if I can lick these again? Oh boy, yes I can! after he’s tasted them.

And then we go again.

I lose my mind. He fucks me. His cock is so big and I feel it twitching and pulsing everywhere inside me. He makes me move in a way he enjoys, but I enjoy it thoroughly too. His fingers are merciless in my ass, but I only feel pleasure, although I probably say ouch, because my ass is sore. The pain just transforms into pleasure in my mind… or cunt.

And I come again so hard. He comes with me. I’m full, and I can’t think. I’m just coming with him violently. When it’s over he cuddles with me. He kisses my lips that are quivering, I weep a little. I wither. He keeps me in his arms. He loves me.


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