Love, Passing Woman, Pregnancy, Volatile bodies

Still Scared

He said he was too tired. He was jumpy and scared.

Are we okay? I ask, I lay on top of him and kiss his cheeks.

Are we? he asks in return and squints his eyes in a funny sort of way. An evading maneuver.

I am.

I’m a little scared.

What are you scared of?

If you’re pregnant.

Well, that’s what we’ve wanted. I’ll be a very happy woman, if I am pregnant.

He kisses me.

I am a happy woman, I sigh on his neck when he hugs me.

And after that we have the incredible mind blowing doll play.

Tomorrow morning we’ll finally take the test at 5 am before he goes to work. I don’t want to do it alone, and it’s got to be morning pee.

My tits are huge by the way. And today, when he fucked me and slapped my tits, well. He came all of a sudden in the middle of a sentence. (You got nice tits, I believe it was.) They’re just so enticing in the way they jiggle around. I find it funny. I’m not used to be so well equipped. I’ve already noticed men looking at me differently. Hmmm… And I didn’t really know Wonderboy would be into big tits. It’s kind of a bummer, since this isn’t gonna last.

Another thing that’s a bummer is that my feeling is the same kind of a rollercoaster ride it used to be before therapy. I actually got upset thinking that Wonderboy would appreaciate big tits so much that it’ll make him come like that. To my upsetting mind it doesn’t matter that he got off because the tits are on me… Let’s see what tomorrow brings.



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