Still Waiting

Okay, so. I already wrote a post here celebrating it was a plus. (And now took it away. Sniff.) Well, turns out the test I did, really needed to have a + in it, not just any old line. I was just so desperate to get the result after feeling like I’m pregnant for three weeks. Seems that I (we) still have to wait to be sure. And now I’m doubtful of all my feelings again. Like I’d imagined the three weeks of nausea and pinching feeling in my womb and the ridicilously enlarged breasts.

It’s early still. I have a friend who got the plus result only after two weeks. But it’s still excruciating. I thought the wait was over.


4 thoughts on “Still Waiting

  1. Thank you so much. I feel like such a bimbo. How can you read the result wrong? I guess everything’s possible, when you really hope for a certain result.

    Waiting, waiting, waiting…

    Agonizing, agonizing, agonizing…

  2. mousie762 says:

    Don’t be upset about misreading it. That is a super common thing, from my limited understanding.

    I hope you get a real positive soon!

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