Pregnancy, Volatile bodies


I don’t know, if it’s the negative result or what, but I haven’t been feeling nausea or the pregnancy feelings yestreday or today. Now I just feel kinda like maybe my period is starting.

The feeling is mostly devastating. How can I have been feeling so nauseaus, pinching, waves of nausea and little pains, so tired, if I am not pregnant? I had to face the prospect of not being pregnant yesterday, and did a little crying. The thought made me feel so tired. Isn’t there ever any prize for going thorugh all this?

I’m sorry to whine like this, but I really do feel bad. I’m in a really sad mood today.


5 thoughts on “Whine

  1. You know, Mousie. I’ve already looked up at the corner where the shower curtain and ceiling meet and asked all the deities that possibly roam this world to give us luck. And I’m not religious. I’d appreciate you praying for us.

  2. jnakabb says:

    Sad for and with you.

    Can I uncross my fingers now – they’re going a bit numb ?

    And now my wife is manifesting pregnancy nausea and tiredness (which is just not possible), so I may need to scale down/better target my positive visualisations for next month.

  3. Ha! Hoping for my pregnancy you accidently got your wife immaculately pregnant? Go ahead, uncross your fingers. I believe the magic’s done now. 🙂

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