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There’s been hardly any sex on my sex blog, because there’s been hardly any sex in my life. (Read that as none.) After we got the negative pregnancy test however things shifted somehow. Maybe it’s just psychological. Since there’s no pregnancy, the vagina and the womb aren’t hurt, and it’s easier to start associating desire and pleasure with them once more. Also, probably for Wonderboy, the knowledge brought him a certainty that the sex wouldn’t hurt him like last time, when it was like spikes on a desert for a while.

I still know I was pregnant however small, medical or chemical it was. I felt it and I’m not letting my body’s knowledge be overridden anymore. But the negative test result brought me huge relief. I haven’t lost anything in such an intense sense as I thought before. There’s nothing dangerously wrong in my womb or ovaries. This is enough for me.

And so it was that Wonderboy told me he would want to cuddle with me when he gets home from work. We haven’t in a long time. 

When he did get home, I couldn’t get enough of hugging him and kissing him. He felt so good against me. I got turned on just by the brush of his lips on mine. We hugged and kissed and just lied there tangled with each other. It had been a whole week. A week without any sexual touch. It’s a really long time, for us anyhow, and I could feel it. I was so deprived of touch that every touch sent a jolt of electricity allway through me body. Nothing felt normal or plain.

He didn’t bring a towel although I asked him to before he got to bed. We discussed this for a bit, and he tried to get me to mount him. We were kissing passionately and at this point all the clothes were on the floor. I had made this little shriek of joy, when he tropped his pants and I saw the cock. Such a long time without it!

We won’t get the towel, if I mount you now, I said.

Whatever do you mean? he smiled and swooned me with another passionate kiss, with his hands pulling me from my waist to him, against him, with his gentle yet demanding way.

No, we really need to get it. You don’t want the same to happen as in that hotel, do you? I don’t want to clean the sheets. 

But the planket’s dark! Just like him to not care about dirtiness, but I wouldn’t budge.

I can’t enjoy, if I have to keep thinking how much blood there’ll be!

…Do you like the blood? Does it turn you on? You want to smear it all around, don’t you? This was a new though for me. Did he actually like what the blood represented – pain and hurting? I could see his lips twitch, and his smile just got bigger.

You do? I could see your lips twitching. 

My lips move, because I’m speaking he laughed, and wouldn’t answer the question.

Okay, well then. I order you to get the towel, he said and smiled devilishly.

Afterwards – what do you mean where’s the sex? – his tummy was a slick mess of sperm and blood. His cock looked like it’d been hammered.

I feel faint, he whispered mockingly.

We laughed at the blood. It just seemed so excessive and we were more than a little high of the sex we just had. He dipped his fingers in the blood and drew warpaint on his cheeks.

If I’ll go like this to work tomorrow, whaddya think they’ll think?

And we laughed some more. When we went to shower together he said I should’ve licked you too. He was somehow talking about the blood. Maybe he wanted to show me how much it doesn’t scare him. And it was strangely liberating with him having the warpaint on, with us laughing about it.

When he was slapping my ass hard with his bare hands, I felt irritated by it, but it wasn’t just him who could feel my cunt constricting around his cock. How can my body be turned on, when my mind is not, I wonder. I came, when he strangled me and kept on tightening his grasp. I could feel my consciousness slipping away. My will was taken from me, I was being commanded like a dog. There was only one thing to do, to submit.

I came.

He smiled, and it was not long before he came to, unexpectedly, in a slow almost stopped motion, grasping my breast.

I didn’t know you were about to come, I smiled and kissed him.

Neither did I,  he answered. Your cunt was gripping me so hard in the end.

I looked at him, worried, it was once he had cried out ouch, during sex, and my constrictions had hurt him more than once before.

It felt good, he exclaimed. So good in fact, that he came all of a sudden.

When will there be more?


2 thoughts on “Relief

  1. So glad to read this. 🙂 And I do like a man who’s not afraid of a little (or a lot!) period blood.

    “There’s been hardly any sex on my sex blog, because there’s been hardly any sex in my life. (Read that as none.) ”

    Ahem. I think I win the award for “Least Sex on a Sex Blog”, thankyouverymuch!

    Also, the warpaint thing reminded me of this:

  2. Yeah, totally! It was such a Circle of life moment.

    Ahem. I think I win the award for “Least Sex on a Sex Blog”, thankyouverymuch!

    I wouldn’t dare to argue with that. 😀

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