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A Cherished Toy

This is a list I made for Wonderboy of the things I need right now.

I want to be your cherished, valuable toy.

I want to hear you love me more often. Every day preferably.

I want to hear you think I’m beautiful, that my body is beautiful and desirable, that you want me more than anything else. I want you to compliment things about my body.

I want you to commend on everything you make me do. I want you to tell me that I’ve done a good job. I want you to tell me how no one else can do a job as good, that no one else is like me, and that I’m the only one you want.

I want you to cherish me, caress my face, kiss me a little, caress my back and my head as you tell me, what I mean to you.

I want you to treat me like a little girl. I want you to tell me things I don’t understand and guide me.

I want you to show me my place. It makes me feel safe.

I’m terrified of disappointing you. I’m terrified of not being good enough. Show me that I can fulfill you, that everything you make me do I can do and that you appreciate it.

I get scared. Hold me and tell me, how you love me. Tell me I am yours. Tell me what that means to you. Tell me you own me and how you’ll keep me safe.


3 thoughts on “A Cherished Toy

  1. Showing this to Wonderboy made him cuddle me, tell me he loves me, tell me I have a wonderful round, big butt he loves to fuck and that I’m cute. He also said it’s time for me to go to bed, because I was up late last night (and morning) and tucked me into bed.

    Communication about what I want is miraculous; it always seems to bring me what I want. Like magic.

  2. Hey, that’s a good idea! I’m happy, if this can be fruitful for you too.

    Wonderboy gently mocked me for not being able to say these things to him, but sometimes things don’t seem to come out of my mouth the way I’d need. This was actually really hard to say and realize that I’m entitled to ask for. When I’ve asked him to be rough, to hit me etc. it’s seemed fine, because those are the things you wouldn’t expect or want your spouse to just spring on you. But these needs seemed so normal that he should just magically know to do them. And it’s not.

    This is me indicating the way I need our play to take. Not so much the punishing, angry dom scenario but the fulfilling, servile, loving and cherished toy scenario. How could he have known that unless I tell him? It’s also a bit about aftercare, which he sometimes doesn’t realize I need that much after serious play. It takes a time to come back from extreme physical sensations, even though it’s loving. I need to be reminded about the love and affection. 🙂

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