BDSM, Wonderboy

Excerpts From The Newly Owned

Text message to Wonderboy: What would you like me to wear to the concert?

Wonderboy: Something revealing but warm.


Wonderboy to me: You will do your butt workout and cycling today, but tomorrow you will have a rest.


I was caressing Wonderboy with my long wild hair. I threw it on his body and then caressed him allover with it.

Don’t tease a tired man, he said and continued to stretch his thighs.

I tried my very best and his cock got a little pudgy.

Okay, yes. Tease a tired man. Maybe it’s nice.

I haven’t even played today! I said meaning that I’d really like to play with him, now, please, pretty please, even though I could see he was too tired. His eyes were already the bloodshot red they get and his expressions in slow motion.

Wonderboy suddenly grabbed my knee, not too hard but meaningfully. His hand was warm and even on my knee.

What? You mean I never even had the permission?


Do I always need your permission – from now on?


I made the little sound a make, a puppy sound and kissed him hard on the lips. We both smiled.

Hmmm, I might have a use for you tomorrow. I might have some tasks for you. But I’m not quite sure, if I’ll let you have sex. We’ll see. We’ll see, if I let you come.

I shrieked a little shriek of joy and kissed and hugged him again.

Allright now, I have to stretch my other thigh as well.

And then we went to bed together. He pulled me to his nook, all naked and warm, and I could feel his penis press against my butt all soft and sticky the way it is.

I love those little sounds, he murmured when he drew me close.

I love you.

I love you too.

Ps. God, I’m so horny right now. He probably has no idea what he did making a rule like that. He probably has no idea, how much I masturbate left to my own devices. It’s sometimes two times a day even if we do have sex. Damn that man and his hot protocol!

PS2. I might not make it. I’m gonna go work out now, but fuckedy fuck fuck, how do those chastised guys do it. Daymn.


One thought on “Excerpts From The Newly Owned

  1. Oh yes. The one time Daddy made and enforced the “no touching” rule, it suddenly became the focus of my every waking moment. I told him next time he wanted to enforce it, he needed to get me a chastity belt for when he was gone, because I jist cannot be trusted when left to my own devices. When he’s gone, I read you and Thumper. Very hot-making. Or, I write fantasies about things I’d like Daddy to do to me. Ahem… wait, drooling here, gotta wipe the keyboard.

    I only lasted about 32 hours.

    It’s nice to know I’m not the only girl who masturbates like crazy. 🙂


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