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Silly Suggestions And Size Issues

Now for the mandatory comic relief. Wonderboy’s Silly Suggestions.

Everything’s bigger in America, I laughed talking about porn with Wonderboy.

Except I read this research that indicated that Americans have actually smaller cocks than Europeans.

Well, what do you know! And not all black men have huge cocks? Go figure.

Which would you choose: If I would fuck you very quickly every morning, but I had a bigger cock, or this?

This. I don’t want a bigger one. Your’s perfect. It’s not huge, it’s normal. Big cocks hurt.

What about, if I would fuck you every morning. And night. But only quickies.

Hmm, that’s a tough one.

But you’d never feel fullfilled.

Well then of course not! It’d never be worth it.

What about, if I fucked you every day, BUT. I’d have a smaller cock.

Hah! I don’t know. I think I’d keep what I have.

This conversation came to mind, when I read Thumper’s post on, mostly, penis enlargemenet spam. I hadn’t ever really thought about what that means. But for there to be so much spam on penis enlargement, there must be a demographic for it too. This makes me sad.

I’ve written about how penis size affects me on the receiving end before. I can understand that growing up with porn as your only immediate measuring stick, it can be pretty earth shattering, if you don’t measure up. Porn has also made my life harder on the same front with impossible body standards that people take for real.

After we started this thing I’ve been doing this butt workout. He likes big butts and had pined some over the butt I used to have. He didn’t see anything good about my weightlifter body, too masculine for his tastes for sure, and since I was partly doing it to be sexy (and partly to be FUCKING STRONG, YARRR!!!) I just dropped it. There wasn’t much point to it, if he wasn’t digging the outcome. I couldn’t bring myself to downgrade from heavy weights to some 1kg 100 times routine, so I just didn’t do it anymore.

Turns out Wonderboy didn’t realize that the butt I had then (oh, The Butt!) wasn’t completely natural either. He confessed it to me after I confronted him about not liking anything that I’d worked so hard for.

I didn’t realize it was the result of hard work! I thought you just had a butt like that!

Yeah. Like every caucasian girl has a butt like this. I did, though. A year and a half off duty will deflate that butt like a balloon. I’m telling ya.

So, I started to do this workout. I’m doing it every other day to get some effect soon. I’ll be starting to go to the gym once or twice a week too this week. Wonderboy gave me a present, some coupons to go to any gym I like, because he wanted to be supportive. And because of this thing. It makes me doubly happy, when I see the progress on my whole body. There’s still some muscle mass there, because it’s started to show in a few weeks.

I also do a hard aerobic workout for a half an hour every day except the days that Wonderboy commands me to rest. I’m already a lot thinner and my butt is more luscious. And how do I know this? Because Wonderboy can’t keep his hands and eyes off me. He keeps telling me how incredibly beautiful I am, and how my body is so sex he can’t help himself. He does seem to go after me a lot more now, and wants to look at me during sex a lot more. Yesterday while I was deepthroating him he didn’t only caress and smack my breasts, he also caressed my tummy. I was on all fours sideways to him, his favorite because he can see everything, and I felt how tiny my tummy felt under his touch. Just a mound really. (This is emotional talk. I am not that thin.) He never usually likes to touch it. Now he did and has, while fucking too. He can’t keep his hands off my tummy, hips, ass. It feels incredible. Now I feel like my whole body is sex. I’m sexy.

And it’s only because I’m doing this regime. This is something in my size I can change. It makes me feel better too. I don’t want to be super thin, and I don’t think I ever will, but I’ll be curvy and small. In trying to make my body smaller and also trying to workout my butt to be bigger, my butt will end up looking bigger anyway. And it’s real hot to make my Wonderboy hot that way. It’s not only love or devotion, it’s also lust that’s biologically determined. I can pull that lust my way.

Wonderboy has realized what he can do to pull my lust. He’s not spending his nights clicking on penile enlargement adds. His spending his mornings in the gym. Now his butt is all round too!


2 thoughts on “Silly Suggestions And Size Issues

  1. Heh. I hadn’t considered my butt ever in any way, but Wonderboy’s shown me the light. I have to say that two weeks on the workout + this one has done a huge change already. My sleeping muscles have awoken!

    I was sick this week, but next week I’ll start with real weights again. If you can though I recommend deadlifting and squats with whatever weights you have at home. Most people don’t need any weight at all (a couple kilos) the first couple weeks and it’s the best thing you can do to your body. 🙂

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