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The Bad Girl

Oh, I almost forgot in all the ruckus over body image. I’ve been a very bad girl. After we had sex yesterday I couldn’t sleep. I felt a tingling that can only be corrected by one thing. You know what I’m talking about. Wonderboy was breathing heavily beside me, his back turned to me, all asleep. I couldn’t very well wake him up to ask him, if he would let me play. He would make me leave the bed no doubt and handle the matter elsewhere. He would point a finger, an emotional finger, and be amused but irritated.

It’s easy, as a girl of slight finger dexterity, to play with myself while he’s sleeping next to me. He’s warm and close. And I really need an orgasm.

I had to put it on hold many times, when he woke a bit, rolled over, scratched himself. I’m sure in his sleep he knew. He’s such a deep sleeper otherwise. My tensing body and the movement of my hand, the sound of my breathing building up. But he didn’t entirely wake up and so I had my orgasm.

After having my mind and body blown, I though aboyt the words many men have used of their self-induced orgasms. Measly, messy, not meaningful or enjoyable. All pretty negative. Are they playing it down for the sake of emotional connection or is it really that different to be a girl like me and a guy like them? There was nothing measly about my orgasm. It hit where it was supposed to. It hit even deeper. And then I could sleep. I didn’t even feel remorse… because I thought I wouldn’t tell Wonderboy.

See? I really have been bad.

Okay so today. Two orgasms yesterday had done nothing to take the edge off, and after drivin around the city for hours on end, I was pretty wound up, when I got the chance to sit down at home. I only had an hour before I had to be somewhere else again. I was so horny my cunt was already open, pulsing. I didn’t want to tell that to Wonderboy. He’d just fucked me yesterday. What, if he’d get irritated or angry with me? What if he’d say no one can want another orgasm already. I pondered, I agonized.

But I didn’t want to repeat the offence so I texted Wonderboy.

I got no answer. Clock was ticking away. I decided. What did it matter, when I’d already played with myself last night, if I did it again? He would most likely give me a permission anyway. I jumped on the bed, lubed up my small vibrator for my cunt and put the big ball headed vibrator on my cunt. I watched a young couple fuck and came happily.

I’d like to point out though that the clothespins – Remember? The ones that don’t actually hurt, but feel kind of nice. – Well, I tried them on alone. I couldn’t even keep them on for 15 seconds. It just hurt too damn much. I didn’t realize Wonderboy had powers to change pain into excitement, to take me in that far to subspace. But now I do.

Brrrr, buzzed the phone on the bedside table. It was Wonderboy. You have my permission. Have fun. ❤

Dammit. I had to tell him. I’d come two times now without his consent. I told him, and the answer was swift.

Unbelievable! I believe I’ll have to punish you then. 

And do you know what my punishment is? No sex… and no masturbating tonight! I almost rebelled, but he made me submit. It’s unfair. Especially since he told the punishment to me while spanking my butt and caressing my mound and telling me nasty things about owning me. Uhm.

Is it tomorrow yet? He’s promised me a free ride on the ferris wheel. And I can invite two friends too!


2 thoughts on “The Bad Girl

  1. I almost rebelled, but he made me submit. It’s unfair. Especially since he told the punishment to me while spanking my butt and caressing my mound and telling me nasty things about owning me. Uhm.

    What a mean, mean man. 😀

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