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An Order Is an Order

He’s ordered me twice to think about him, when I play with myself. That has been the condition of me being allowed to play. Just the fact that he does this makes me feel loved. It also gets me very much turned on.  He’s ordering me and he wants to be on my mind. He wants me to remember who is the source of my pleasure.

After these solo orgasms, and during playing, I’ve felt much more emotionally present. I’ve felt loved and somehow I’ve felt his presence in my mind.

It’s been so easy to fantasize just about him, when he’s commanded it. Like today. I just thought about the things he said to me yesterday when he was making love to me. I was thinking what he did too, but what seemed to get me off was the words.

He was on top of me and I really wanted him to wrist-lock me so I said,

Hold me down from my wrists.

What? he asked incredulously and then hit my cheek so hard it stung and felt hot for many minutes to come. You are making demands on me? Seems that I’ve been far too allowing with you. I’ll have to start training you. You’ll be a perfect slave for me.

I’m sorry. I won’t do it again. I’m so sorry.

You better not. Now, you’ll do everything I say. You’re just hear for my enjoyment, you hear? And you will adress me sir.

He was tentatively biting my nipples, sucking them and biting them again. It was not enough. He slapped them a bit and then bit at them again.

You can bite them harder, if you like, I offered fearing his respond. I was right to fear it. He moved away from the tits and latched on to my earlobe. He bit my ear ripping it to shreads, and I  shrieked, but he just kept going, harder, twisting his teeth’s grip.

Ouch, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts! I yelled. I almost couldn’t handle the piercing, sudden pain.

He stopped after letting me cry out for a while. He sat up, still inside me, and said,

It hurts?

As innocent as his question was my answer, Yeah, the biting. I wanted him to be sure it wasn’t his cock hurting me. But he hadn’t meant it as a question at all.

You enjoy everything I do. He said it in a commanding voice leaving me no choice.

Okay. Sir. Yes. I enjoy everything you do.

And he latched on to my earlobe again. Suddenly I took the pain in and it changed. It went inside me and became warmth. I relaxed. I was hooked on it.

You are for my enjoyment and to give me children.

I am just using you. You fucking whore.

He had fucked me hard, slow and in every way possible and neither of us had come. He’d been so intense with the new training, hitting me so much harder than before, hurting me, biting me so much harder, I’d been too tangled in that. But now he had decided.

You have to come, he said.

I couldn’t believe my ears. It’s always stroke me as implausible and irritable when submissive women have described how they come on demand. I’ve always been intimadated by him having so much power and also by the fact that I though I never could.

Right now? I asked, because I wasn’t sure, if he knew about forcing your slave to come for you. If he meant somethin else.

He didn’t.

Yes, he answered and pushed his cock deep inside of me.


I came.

It was a violent, dryish orgasm which pushed his cock almost out of me. I could feel my hands hitting his chest, which seems to happen every time I come this violently, like I’m protesting it. And the words from my mouth are usually No, no, no!  I don’t know, if I said anything. After the orgasm fell like a sudden tidal wave crashing on the shore, I was all tapped.

I was shocked. I was shocked he’d have this strong of a hold of me. I felt fragile, on his mercy and used, but in the best way possible. I felt I was his. The feeling was more powerful than any words could have awakened.

I started to cry.

I came a second time after that, but I can’t remember what kind of a violent act pushed me over the edge the second time. Maybe it was just his words again. He kept telling me, how he’d make me serve him. How I’d make a good fucktoy for him some day, when he’d trained me properly.

I own you, I can do with you anything I like. And you like it. You will do anything I ask of you.

I will do anything you ask, sir.

After the sex we cuddled and talked about why he hadn’t come. He had fucked me too viciously the night before (oooh boy, it was extatic) and his cock was so sensitive that it had started to hurt too much. I tried to console him and promised him, I’d do my best to make it up to him.

Did you really come, when I commmanded you? he asked.

Yeah. And then I started to cry, I said.

It was really hot, he said and kissed me passionately. He loves it when I cry. And I guess he loves it, when he gets me to come just by ordering me to!

I offered to go down on him, but he declined. It’s a shame I can’t do the same to you, I thought.




3 thoughts on “An Order Is an Order

  1. jnakabb says:

    You are for my enjoyment and to give me children.
    Sooo glad you can build this into your fun times. Great thinking WB !

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