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A Part of Our Sex

Everything started when Wonderboy said he didn’t want to have sex, but had already been initiating it with me, because he knew I wanted it. He said he felt that I didn’t really give him intimacy, just a prelude to sex. Funny enough, I wasn’t expecting sex, because he was tired and I’m a bit sick, but his interpretations are his own and real to him. He rolled on top of me to hug me and I started asking questions all the while caressing his head, shoulders and back, the most unerotized parts of him.

Would you feel better, if we had our clothes on? If I only kiss you without tongue?

I hugged him in a silly way wiggling my butt and my legs and head, because he was doing it first. Humour seems to always save the day and it did now too. We started laughing. He said, in a sly way, that there is something you could do to make me feel better. This is our code for give me a blowjob. I laughed, caressed his face and asked, really? Now? And he laughed that he was only kidding.

It’s impossible to tell, if you’re serious or not, I said and hugged him tight, pressed my face to his neck and wiggled some more.

That’s why I love you, he answered and meant the fact that I was more than willing and ready to go down on him the minute he brought it up.

And here’s the thing. He knew I wasn’t necessarily looking for reciprocity. Because something has shifted in me. A block that used to stand between me and my desires to submit. Wonderboy commented on it yesterday, when I said that he is such a good master for me and makes me so happy.

It’s easy now that you’re so in tune with yourself. You’re not afraid of the things you want anymore. That makes me able to do stuff to you.

I laughed incredulously, because I recognized that he was right. Something had changed while I wasn’t looking. While we weren’t practicing anything more male lead than normal. While he wasn’t even so much domming me in bed. I had come to terms with it during the pause of breath.

I have, haven’t I? I answered and smiled exhausted and happy.

Can I play now? I asked right after.

I thought to remind you to ask before. I knew you’d want to play again tonight, he said. Go ahead. Play. Now. I’m gonna go brush my teeth and I’ll be expecting you in bed, he said and I was left with the feeling of being rushed and commanded and so, so happy.

I came with a hearty exclamation fantasizing about what he’d done to me earlier, fucked me fast and furious just to get himself off and demanded I fake my ooh aah’s. I was happy to know that Wonderboy would hear it from the other room and know that it was his doing even though he wasn’t even in the same room! Afterwards I cuddled into his naked nook and said I felt my playing was part of the sex we had. It was, he just said and kissed my neck.

Back to today.When Wonderboy was feeling better, loved and cared for even if he didn’t give me sex, I said something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately.

You could use this you know. The fact you don’t want sex. You could tease me about not giving me cock today and maybe not even letting me play.

I won’t give you any cock today, he answered, already ahead of me. And I’m not sure, if I’ll let you play either.

I cried out a little sound of pleasure.

You can’t get turned on. Only bad girls get turned on. And I’d have to punish bad girls.

Another sound of muffled pleasure.

He kissed me passionately and I couldn’t help getting revved up. I answered his teasing tongue with passionate lips and tongue.

It’s not fair to kiss me like that and then be hurt that I get turned on, I said. It doesn’t mean I’m expecting or demanding sex. It’s nice to kiss anyway.

And then I asked him our trademark question what now? and he answered with a question of his own.

What would you like to do?

Play Sims, I said, because he’d made it so clear that he didn’t want any sex.

I’ll play my own game first, he said and I complied.

But as I was getting up he flipped me on top of his body.

It’s so nice that you’re happy like that he said. You’re so wonderful and feel so good. He put me on top of him, straight on top of his cock, and started kissing me and grinding against me.

I’m not going to fuck you today. But maybe I’ll let you play. If you’re reeally nice.

It’s not fair to tease me like this, I said and grinded against his growing cock.

After a while he made his way to my cunt.

Oops, he said. I’m just tipping it in a little. I’m not going to fuck you.

He slid his cock in and out in slow movements and when I tried to answer them, he said,

You are not allowed to move.

Will you not let me come either?

No. I’ll just tease you.

He teased me some, but his cock didn’t stay hard enough. I wasn’t disappointed, because I thought he had given me all I could want from him since he wasn’t interested in having sex. But when I got off of him and asked him, was there something I could do to make him feel good, he asked me to massage his feet while he drinks some wine. I massaged his feet as best I could and he sipped his wine studying me. I felt content. I felt happy. I was making him feel good and that was all I wanted. I said as much to him. He kept saying how much he enjoyed my hands, but he kept saying it in a sexual way. Just the same as when I’m blowing him.

Yeah, just like that. Uh-huh, there. That’s it. That feels so good.

It didn’t really tunr me on, but it made me even more content. It showed me my place.

When I was done, he commanded me to kiss his cock.

Do you want me to only kiss it? I asked after giving his cock some kisses on its lenght.

No, suck it.

I complied.

Looks really beautiful, how your hair falls down, he said and kept brushing it aside to see my face. I kept looking at him through the threads. It was hard to do and keep his cock from hitting my teeth, but I always raised my head again. I wanted to connect with him. He wanted me to watch him.

Look at me, he said near the end whacking his cock forcefully while I was licking his balls, licking his cock from bottom to top, ticling the head and getting back down to circle his balls with my tongue. He came while looking into my eyes intently, mesmerized. I only found out in the shower that my mascara had started to run down my face because of the fierce and deep licking of his ass and balls, and it had turned him on a lot. Making me dirty and vulnerable. Maybe even the fact that I didn’t know about it.

After he’d come he said, You were so good to me today that you get to play. You licked me so good.

Thank you, sir, I said.

You can play, he said again.

Now? I asked. With my hands?

No, take all the toys in, he answered and took the glass of wine in his hands again, sipping wine, lying down, naked.

I pushed the little vibrator/dildo in my cunt like I always do when I play with my toys and started using the big ball end vibrator on my clit. I was intensely aware of his eyes on me. I looked at his beauticul cock, now smaller and relaxed. I looked at his hairy chest, so muscular and broad. I looked at his lush lips brushing on the glass. I though about the things he had done to me. How he’d said I couldn’t play. How he’d teased me. I thought about him watching me, studying me. I was afraid he’d tell me I couldn’t come right before I was coming. I was worried it was too much for me, that his eyes were actually criticising me, that he was maybe getting bored.

I shut me eyes and focused on his presence. He grapped my left nipple and tortured it a bit. I started getting close. I thought about him teasing me. I though that he’d masturbate on top of me and just put the cock in between strokes, so I wouldn’t get off, but he would. I thought he’d masturbate until he almost came and only then would he give me his cock.

I was so slippery I could barely feel the vibrator. I stucked it against my pubic bone so hard I could almost feel my skull rattle. I stuck the little dildo in me and kept it there. It went so far and my cunt was so slippery that it was almost impossible to find it and move it.

And then I came with a BANG. I screamed, I trashed and the dildo shot half a meter from my cunt past my guarding fingers. I came so hard I couldn’t stop it.

I started crying a bit and went to hug him. He knew what to do and commended me, how good I’d been, how well I’d behaved. He kissed me and hugged me and held me.

It felt like it was part of our sex, I said.

It was, he answered and held me tight.


5 thoughts on “A Part of Our Sex

  1. You tell hot stories. And running mascara is a huge turn-on for me, too! I’d forgotten about that. I must have Minx wear eye makeup more often…and pound his ass until he cries. 😀

  2. Sounds undeniably hot. I understand the running/messed makeup thing, but I don’t have it myself. It feels silly to indulge in, but not so much when Wonderboy goes crazy because of it. 😉 It’s okay to make me look vulnerable by all means. Making him look intimidating is a lot more complicated. (But he’s doing his best working out a lot.) 🙂 And most of the hotness comes from power play anyway.

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