Learning to negotiate, Male Lead Relationship stuff, Outside the Bedroom, Unanticipated Satisfaction

Short and Sweet

When Wonderboy came home from work today, he asked straight away without even giving me a hug and a kiss first, could I untie his shoelaces.

I ran all the way, he said. They left me pretty far, he added about his commute today.

He had been in the gym squatting. I could understand he’d not want to squat down.

I kneeled in front of him in the dark hallway, undid the shoelaces with a little help from the bathroom light and stood up to hug him. He was moist from sweat and his t-shirt kept gluing to his back.

Thank you, he said.

This I liked.

Then he was frying some eggs on the pan. He poured himself some wine and asked me, if he could drink it all. There was hardly enough for two left and I’d drank a glass more than him yesterday.

No, I want some too.

He didn’t pour but a tiny dribble in his glass, closed the bottle and acted all insulted.

You drank more yesterday, he said and went back to his frying business.

I talked to him some, but then realized that I’d rather he’d drink all the wine. I didn’t much crave for it, and he was right about yesterday. I emptied the bottle in his glass and went to him.

See! I only want you to be happy.

He smiled and hugged me, grabbed me into his nook and kept frying with one hand and pulling me against him with the other.

I don’t know what happened there.

We cuddled naked on the bed, we kissed, we were on top of each other. I could feel there would be no sex.

No sex then? I asked.

I guess not. But you can play, he answered.

I frowned on the idea, not sure I was in to that then and there. Not sure I needed any of that.

No, it wasn’t a permission. You will have to play. When I say so. But not yet.

He did say so later on.

This I was happy about.


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