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A Slap!

It’s not all blood, sweat and tears, you know. We still also have fun. I’m just doing a lot of work now and have a deadline looming. It’s also dark and apathetic. I just spent 2 hours on the motorway squinting my eyes to see the road or even the lights of the cars driving in front of me. Raining, cold and pitch black.

Sounds like an opening for a really heart breaking story, doesn’t it? But no. I want to share some sex.

We’ve had discussions about our future, possibly moving away, if things don’t work out for both of us her. If Wonderboy doesn’t get a job closer to home, the home has to change. Wonderboy has been struggling with his career and hasn’t really been able to decide what to do. He’s doing something he’s been educated for, but he doesn’t really like the work and it’s eating him out.

We didn’t really reach any decisions with these conversations. He tossed the idea of resigning around and trying to live off his nest egg, as Minx and Perverse Cowgirl are doing. But it helped tremendously to talk about it. He had felt that he couldn’t bring the things he had on his mind up, because the pregnancy was so much more prominent.

And what brought up these conversations? Take a wild guess. It started like this:

Me: You haven’t really been wanting to have sex a lot with me. Almost not at all.

Him: I’ve been so tired.

Me: I don’t think that’s the whole story, though.

I wonder, how we always get everywhere just because sex is so important. Immediately when it starts going wrong, you know something else is wrong too. And then you just have to find it!

It was amazing to be put in my place again. I confessed, no, I taunted him by telling him how I’d been playing without him and without his permission. How I didn’t believe he was really in charge of me anymore.

Wonderboy stood right up to the plate and said that I’d been a very, very naughty girl. And naughty girls get punished. He started smacking my butt, harder and harder, but still held his lips on my cheek and my ear, kissing and nibbling them gently. He then told me to go down on him and I did. I also massaged his hurting thigh very professionaly.

What was really amazing was how he was and made me feel. His. It’s been such a long time that I could throw myself in to his mercy like this.

He hit me so bad, and it hurt so good. When he came while I was riding him he still continued slapping my butt with such force it made me come too. Oooh, the pain. It still sends chills down my spine.

Just a small story, just some ordinary sexy times. But so much happiness came from being liberated again. And the liberation was back to our roles. It felt so right. I am so much better now. I need this. Why is it only clear to me, when I have it?


2 thoughts on “A Slap!

  1. It’s that way with everything. When I’m really stressed out and busy, I stop working out, which of course makes me really stressed out. Then I work out and I remember, “oh, yeah, this makes everything better.”

  2. And I forgot to add that he also made me clean the house a bit before. It was good. It made me… submit. Become who I am or want to be.

    The memory is just a little tinged now, but it will heal.

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