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Work Thing

This is also a post left unfinished while Wonderboy was still taking the anti-depressants – right before he stopped.

I’m in a work related bind and it’s making me totally anxious. There’s been a lot of sackings and leavings, and I’m really worried about my future. We’ve also been discussing the possibility of moving back from where we came from, because Wonderboy still hasn’t managed to get a job here. And my period started today.

There’s so many things to worry about! My professional life? God, I need to be better and even more productive and initiative and creative and – and! Everything. If we move, what will happen to the fertility treatments? Will we have to stop them and wait for a doctor in the new place? Will we have to give up our beautiful own apartment and rent again? How will it feel?

What’s been better is Wonderboy. The medication is clearly working for him and he’s been more loving and happy than in a long while. It makes me hopeful that one day he’ll be like this for good. And it would be hard, if not impossible, if we already had kids. His medication has interesting side effects. Like the note says they do induce ejaculation difficulties. But Wonderboy has informed me of more intense pleasurable feelings. He’s also a lot more relaxed with the d/s stuff and brings it into situations all the time. Which makes me happy. It must have been just too scary for him before.


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