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Surrenderer’s High

Just when you think there’s a long and winding road ahead of you… a miracle happens. Yesterday I turned down Wonderboy’s advances just by not actively showing my desire for him. Today I did the complete opposite. I asked him to disrobe. I asked him to engage. At first he said that maybe his cock was a little depressed and had left – for Timbuktu, I added and we laughed and hugged and went on with things.

The happiness rose in us like a tidal wave with each kiss and caress as they got more aggressive. I thought I couldn’t even get that excited with the anti-depressant. Turns out – I can, if I’m dominated enough. And I was.

He started by hitting my ass. Just giving me a little taste. I moaned and approached sub space the minute his hand hit my ass cheek. He turned away from me to the goody nightstand and took out – the collar. He didn’t ask me a thing, didn’t give me options. It was going on and he was rough about it. Even when he dropped the strap of it a couple of times, he didn’t waver. Shit, he exclaimed and put it on me. I was immediately week at the knees. I drop real hard, when the collar goes on. I wither and my eyes flutter. I lose some control over my muscles for a time. I’m his to command now.

Then he ordered me to put on the fishnet stockings with a little bow down at the ankle – and seams! pretty seams – while he went to the bathroom. I could hear him washing up, so I knew what I was in for. And I was excited to get his cock into my mouth. I was also happy to notice that although he’d not been expecting sex, he did go and wash up for my benefit. A very cavalrious thing to do. I liked that.

When he came back he stood by the futon and I positioned myself so I could take his cock in my mouth. His new favorite position for a blowjob. A position of power – over me like that. It’s really pleasing to my eye as well as his. And I do love to hold him by the buttocks when I take him down my throat. I love to spit on his cock, mostly on his command, and then jerk the slippery, veiny, big, fat dick with the most tender hands. I lick and I tease and then he tells me what to do. He compliments me a lot, but adds my little whore to the end. I like that. It reminds me I’m wearing a collar. His collar. I go under again and again. He has but to say it to me.

He grouches and slaps my breasts as I’m licking his cock. He suffocates me, he holds me there longer than I thought I could be held. I start to spasm involuntarily, I feel an orgasm building. He shakes me by the neck. I’m under his grasp. I’m not even holding myself up on the bed anymore. He is. He slaps me hard on the left cheek as he holds me there. I look at him, fluttering, gasping, gurgling. I go under. I look at him again. My filthy little whore, he says. Then he shakes me again and pushes me to meet his cock. He fucks my cheek, hitting my face, telling me what I whore I am. He positions me straight against him and pushes his cock down my throat as far as it will go. He strangles me at the same time. I’m oblivious to fear. I feel but his power. He holds me up. I’m floating.

He doesn’t fuck my face. He ends it when I gag the second time and spit salty slime on him and on the floor. He’s oozing precum by now and his cock jumps happily every time he strangles me hard or slaps my face. It makes me so hot. He’s never hit me as hard as he’s hitting me today. He’s never strangled me as hard as today. And because life is funny I actually feel more relaxed and trusting. I surrender to his touch. It makes me believe he owns me. My whole soul believes.

The he fucks me and tells me that he doesn’t care, if I enjoy. He’s just going to fuck me quickly and come. And he doesn’t even care, if I hurt. He kind of likes to hurt me.I can’t believe, how slippery I am, when he descends upon me. I’m so wet he slides right in. And I’m on my period.

You’re my whore and I can do anything to you.

Yes sir.

Say what I can do to you.

Anything. You can do anything to me, sir.

Yes I can. Because you’re my filthy little whore.

And then I come. I come like rockets and moonlandings and space and stars and black holes.

He rises up a bit, pushes my arms to hold up my tits in a way he likes and kisses and bites on my nipples. He starts fucking me so it hurts. It really hurts and I get hot flashes every time his cock hits my cervix. Ouch, I yell after every hit and pulse inside. It doesn’t take long for him to start coming – but it takes over a minute for him to come. He pulses, he twitches, he spasms and moans and holds me closer and pushes into me, way into me. We hug and we kiss. He asks me,

Did my little whore have fun?

Yes, sir, I answer. Or do I still have to say sir? I ask.

Yes you do. Very good of you to ask.

Yes sir.

Shall we take the collar away?

Yes, sir.

Now you don’t have to say sir anymore.

Because the collar’s not on. It’s good you set strict limits, I say.

But other times you might have to.

You just have to order me.

I will.

And I believe him. I truly, truly believe him.


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