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Just A Bitch In Heat

Guess what? I seduced him again! He said I did so by being such a bitch in heat. Rowr.

And guess what else? I got my first official tit bruise from slapping! It’s dainty and I love it!

I asked him yesterday how come he was so much more harsh and hardhanded with me than before. I made it clear that I had liked it by grinding myself against him, kissing him, caressing him and looking at him dreamily.

He answered, Well, I realized you’re not so fragile after all. I can’t break you that easily.

That was it. His new found certainty and assertiveness.

Today whilst fucking me hard from behind and ripping me by the hair he said,

I don’t care if you hurt. The more you hurt, the better.

He said such rude but true things to me all the while he fingerfucked my mouth, fucked me from behind and hurt me. Did I already mention that I came for the longest time? I just love it, when he roughly fucks my mouth with his fingers, suffocates me with them even, stretches my mouth.

Look at me. I love your mouth. It’s so sexy. You just know it’s going to feel so good to put something in there, he said when he forced me to go down on him after he’d made me go do some housework. When he sent me to do housework, I remembered to ask, if I was to call him sir or not, and obviously that was my duty. I was more than happy to oblige and used it instead of yeah all the time I could without embarrassing myself completely.

When we were good and really done we still kissed and cuddled. I had asked for him to put my collar on, when we switched from the forced blowjob to fucking and he obliged immediately. I lay there on all fours, held my hair up and felt it sweep from my neck through my whole body, when he clicked the buckle. True happiness and also true desire springs from him putting the collar on me. And it also happens when he takes it off. It’s a sign I need, I crave. He shook me from it a little to see if it was tight enough and I fell so hard.

It’s important to put the collar on, I said when we cuddled.

That’s good of you to notice, he answered and smiled hiw owner’s smile.

It’s really important to me.

I’ll put the leash on next time too.

And then – and then! – he promised me he’d lead me around from the leash one day! I hope it’s not tomorrow, because my little sis is coming to visit. But he promised to forcefully fuck and suffocate me in total silence, when she goes to bed. We’ll see what happens tomorrow…

Maybe I’ll get a pony!


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