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The secret wish of a dom – ass play

Just popped in to tell you that I just had my finger up Wonderboy’s ass and it was amazing. For both of us. So, don’t you go thinking and talking nonsense that those poor infertiles never have any kinky fun.

This one’s been a long time coming, too. It’s been a fantasy for both of us, but somehow it has felt too intimidating for him. It didn’t now. It might have helped that when I first licked him, my mascara ran all over my face, and Wonderboy’s a sucker for that. The fragile little hooker look. So there I was all covered with spit and precum, complimenting his hairy ass – ah, I do love the matt of dark hair down there – and fondling it as he stopped me, because it hurt a little too much. I was looking for the lube, when he said: Should I fuck you?

Maybe, I smile and something runs down my chin.

I might come, you know. That feels so good.

I was kinda waiting for you to come, I answer and smile again. And lick his cock, while he’s tugging it.

Or would you like to continue?

I can’t help but lower my head against his thigh and lick it, the hairs and all.

It’ll be ovulation time soon, he says, and then we can’t.

I nod. We have an agreement. I reach for the lube and start, gently. He opens up to me like he did minutes ago, when I was licking him and it seemed like his ass was devouring my tongue, my whole head and I had to back off to breath. I like the way his ass tastes. Sort of metallic. I love the way it feels. His insides. His secret places.

He comes his cock in my mouth, my index finger in his ass and other fingers caressing his balls. I’m doggying around. I got so turned on I rose from the mattress to push my ass and pussy against the sky, to open my thighs and push myself open. He comes and comes, the white goo drips from my mouth to my caressing hand and on the mattress. There seems to be so much of it. He is cramped up from the bed, his mouth an O, his sexy lips open and his eyes closed, just for the second he doesn’t look at me.

People do all sorts of things in d/s relationships. Pegging, for one. It feels like this is not a big deal. People do much bigger stuff. But this was a huge deal. Getting him to accept me to do this. Getting him to deal with the panic he had, when it started to hurt. Taking a small break, adding lube. Talking. Smiling and laughing. Trying again.

Remember that you’re in command. I do whatever you want. I’m your whore. I’ll do anything, I say when I lower myself between his thighs with my lubed fingers finding their tricky way in. When he came he had tugged his hand in my hair to push my face down on his cock. He was ordering me to do this. It was the single most exciting thing I’ve done all year. I was so turned on I nearly came, when his ass started pulsing, grabbing on my finger, pulling it deeper and deeper.

Sometimes the things we want scare us. It just doesn’t seem to fit the job description of doms that they get scared too. It doesn’t seem to fit that doms might want their ass pounded too. They might want things that just aren’t domly enough to ask for. Sometimes my sweet Wonderboy needs reassurance, gentle hands, for me to wait, to be okay with whatever his decision will be. But it’s hard to ask for, when your the one who’s supposed to be in charge.

That’s too bad. Because this? This was one hell of a play session. I’m so owned. I am so happy I could make him enjoy it. I’m so happy I didn’t hurt him. I’m so happy.


8 thoughts on “The secret wish of a dom – ass play

  1. Aaaawww, thank you guys!

    Wonderboy did seem out of the ordinary content and giddy after sex. And he remarked that his orgasm was “just incredible” and “so forceful”. I’m suspecting this won’t be the last time. 😀 Yay!

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  3. chloe says:

    Hi… I really like your blog… can’t stop reading it. I always feel very humble reading people’s life. it’s a big gift you’re making to your readers. Sharing your experience with them… and I love your writing. I’ve read that story and I have a question. I hope you won’t find it stupid but it’s a real concern I have and it’s kind of hard to talk about it. In porn movies, they do ass to mouth all th time. You say you licked your man’s ass… my question is: What’s about hygiene? Did he wash his inside before?
    In sex, health has always been a limit of mine.

  4. Thank you Chloe. That’s a nice thing to say.

    Then to your question, which is kind of disturbing.

    Hmph. You read about my sex life with my spouse and your concern is for our hygiene? I wouldn’t say health is a limit for you; I would rather say that you possibly have some sort of mental block which makes you associate dirty with bad. This is my opinnion of course, but since you asked. I cannot possibly understand, why you would even think of asking me, if we washed ourselves first. Even if you have a problem with excretions, doesn’t mean that others do – or should suffer from the same. What seems dirty to us has a lot to do with the culture we were raised in and usually very little to do with actual health issues.

    Your implications that a innocent butt licking session could somehow be a danger to our health seems kind of propostorous to me. But it’s okay for you to feel that way unless you try to make me feel the same. That shit is not cool man.

    Still, I wouldn’t do ass to mouth (unless commanded) and I don’t like seeing it in porn, either.

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