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Ovulation test no. 3

This is day 15 of the cycle. For those of you, who are not so tuned into these things, the 14th day of the cycle is the day most likely to be ovulation day. The test shows a couple of days ahead: when the Lh test is positive – like this 🙂 – it will mean that in somewere between 24 to 36 hours the follicle will detatch and be able to conceive.

So, today’s score: 0.

What it means is that even though I’m on hormones, which are supposed to even out my cycle and help with ovulation, I’m not ovulating between 13-16th, quite possibly not even 17th,  days of my cycle. There just isn’t enough Lh hormonal proof in my pee. This would mean that my cycle is 32 days long, because, as is espected, but rarely proven in my case, menstruation is supposed to start 14 days after ovulation. This is actually not such odd news for myself, because my cycle used to be 34 days, when I was 11-16, before I tried hormonal birth control and stayed on it for more than 10 years. Maybe it’s getting back to normal?

The problem here is that we know, how big the follicle was on Monday – 11mm. It’s supposed to fatten up 2mm per day. So, today it’s supposed to be 19mm, if everything’s okay. That is about exactly the size it should abort, if everything’s okay. I mean ovulate. 😉 But now we know it won’t detatch even tomorrow, as a big ass 21mm egg, probably not even the day after that as a fat 23mm egg…

What does that mean?

I’m beginning to suspect that I will never get the 🙂 on the test. I have never gotten it before. I’m beginning to believe that A) I should have done this Lh testing all along, since last Spring. B) The doctor should have meazured my Lh levels on my luteal phase last Fall, when we started with the treatments. It can’t be so expensive a test, it’s just bloodwork! Why make me suffer through half a year of hormones that can’t actually help me? Well, here we come to the blessing on being able to get theses treatments on publich healthcare. They have a lot of people to treat and they try the same things for everyone. Because some folks do get pregnant like that, and then they have less to worry about and less to test the expensive tests with. IVF is also so expensive they need to try hormone treatments first, no matter what.

I’m beginning to suspect that I might not be ovulating, or that I’m ovulating in the wrong time and with a too matured follicle and that my hormones most definately do not make a well enough environment in my uterus for the follicle to stay there.

I met some nice ladies yesterday. There’s this group of infertile women and I joined it, finally. I was not the youngest, but I was the one with least years behind my belt on treatments and trying. There was another woman with the same problem as me. She had already gone through one IVF cycle with no results – and devastated for it.  Her body just isn’t producing Lh hormone. Maybe mine ain’t either. I just…

I wonder a little bit. How were the three chemical pregnancies possibly, if that’s the case? How much can there be variation between cycles?


Well, anyway. After the meeting we had sex anyway per doctor’s orders, and although at first it was not fun and it hurt and I was not at all ready for it… there was a total eclipse of mood, that I’ll tell you about later.

Two more tests to take and then I just have to live with the results.


2 thoughts on “Ovulation test no. 3

  1. We’re not so fortunate here to get such treatments as public health care… so my OBGYN was just guessing when he told me I probably didn’t ovulate at all, despite the massive amounts of blood coming out of me.

    Still devastating.

  2. I’m really sorry for what you had to go trough. Public healthcare is great, because it makes this possible, but if I start bleeding heavily or something, I’m still gonna have to go to the normal ER and will get treatment that isn’t as attuned with infertility issues. They only do what’s necessary in the fertility department and we have to wait a long time for all the appointments and tests because of that. If I was able to get treatment from other places, I’d already had done many IVF’s – maybe had a child already. But at least this makes it possible.

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