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Butt biting and some convincing regarding (non)sexual activities in (non)sexual situations

We were just lying around watching some cartoons from the computer yesterday, when I suddenly asked Wonderboy to bite my ass. This, like the finger in the butt thing, seems also very mundane – for kinksters that is. I’m almost surprised I’d never asked for it before. But then again I’m not surprised, because it is doubly difficult for a woman to ask for sexual things, when those things aren’t what’s perceived as belonging to our script of a normal sex act. And Wonderboy’s reaction kind of reflected that.

Wonderboy was caressing my back, my waist and my butt as I was lying in front of him facing the computer and he was leaning on the wall behind me. When I felt his hands mold my butt quite sharply, I suddenly knew that I wanted him to bite me.

Bite me, I asked him. He bit my ass through the fabric and I felt a tasty pressure building in my body.

Bite me again, I said and he did, but then he stopped, laughing and we continued to watch the cartoon.

After the cartoon had finished I rolled over cheerfully and asked, if he’d bite my butt a little more. There was this undercurrent of me not orgasming, when we had sex earlier, which made me quite frisky and also made me feel quite entitled to some fun only for me. I usually don’t make the suggestions here, as you know, so it was pretty unusual, and maybe that scared Wonderboy off.

Because his answer was quite frankly pretty shocking. It was a very reluctant I don’t know, and he kept on saying it, laughing and shaking his head, when I asked again. I had to bug him about it to the point, where I felt completely rejected and ashamed of what I wanted, and he felt cornered to do it. I did say to him, that if he felt uncomfortable with it, I didn’t want him to do it.

It could just be nice, just try it a little, I said.

It just seems so odd, Wonderboy said.

What’s odd about it? You lick my pussy – and I lick your butt! You bite my neck and, well, you bite me everywhere else. Why would this be so odd?

He couldn’t really answer the last one. My persistence also had an impact on him. He realized this was something I really wanted, so once again he flipped me over and bit my butt. After some bites I lowered my sweats so he could get his teeth on my skin. And he bit me. He bit me real hard, then he bit it gently and then he teased me with his teeth only and then he used his tongue and lips and then he bit me again real hard… I raised my butt from the mattress and howled out of pleasure. It was so intense. He quickly got the hang of it, and soon, real soon, I felt something wet and warm make it’s way from my pussy to the mattress. I felt the overpowering but weirdly dry pulsating of an orgasm that’s brought about without touching my lady parts.

I laughed and, really, just shoved my face into the mattress. I felt exposed, but happy, too. It was just so weird to have an orgasm just because he bit my butt. I felt super self conscious, especially since he’d given me such a hard time before he admitted to do it in the first place.

I expressed this all to him soon enough. I also said it had felt bad that he’d first declined to do it, and that that had made me feel ashamed of what I wanted. He hugged me and assured me that was not his intention and that he had just been a little thrown, because it felt so weird and unrelated to sex, for him. If I had an euro every time that’s the case with something I enjoy sexually… I’d have some money, that’s for sure.

Since the biting ended so well last night, and since we knew we had a fate to fill tonight, I knew exactly what I wanted today. It was like I was a different person. I laid it all out, everything I needed for it to work for me not that I’m on these damnable pills that make my vagina dry and unreceptive. But hey, just gives me an excuse to practice communicating and recognising what I need!

Today, I said cheerfully, I’m going to want you to lick me. And bite my butt. And I want to lick you, I took a pause. Wow, you have it all worked out, don’t you, he laughed a little flabberghasted. I really never do this, but I kept going, because why stop there? Aaand then I want you to be rough to me, strangle me and push my head, especially. I think that’s it.

We both laughed and then we started, just like I’d said. The biting was wonderful, although not as intoxicating as yesterday. It hurt a lot more.Ans you know what that sadist bastard did after he’d ravaged my ass cheeks with his sharp teeth? He hit me! Yeah, he spanked me like there was no tomorrow… Well, more like spanked me moderately a couple of times. But do you know what that feels like after the skin’s been trough some serious munching? OUCH. And at the same time… Yeah baby.

He licked me to an orgasm and hurt my nipples all the while working my pussy with his tongue. I was pretty dry and the intercourse (sorry for that word) was not amazingly passionate, although I was quite happy with it, but I could see he wasn’t so into it. But we finally added enough lube and he got his rocks off fucking me from behind. After which we both stumbled on the bed breathless and happy, because I’d already come twice and was kind of extatic at that point.

I’m lying on the couch writing this, but when I change my position, even a little bit, I can feel the bitemarks aching. I tried to sneak a peak in the mirror, but there are no real marks I can see. Yet, anyway. But for me there are.


5 thoughts on “Butt biting and some convincing regarding (non)sexual activities in (non)sexual situations

  1. He hugged me and assured me that was not his intention and that he had just been a little thrown, because it felt so weird and unrelated to sex, for him.

    …This from someone who’ll slap you, order you to do dishes, and all kinds of other things that most people would never associate with sex. 😛

    I’m glad it all worked out okay, but seriously, why can’t he just believe that you know what you want? Surely he must know that different people find different things sexual – if someone tried to force his cock down my throat until I almost threw up, for instance, I would bite it off and then shove him down a flight of stairs, but for you guys it works. So if you say “I’d like you to do this to me in bed” he should just believe it, even if he doesn’t understand it, because what seems blatantly sexy to one person may not be to someone else.

    And on a side note:I bite Minx’s ass all the time. Such a lovely texture under my teeth…I almost want to take a chunk right out of it like an apple, but I know that would hurt him too much so I try to restrain myself. 😀

  2. I completely agree. I suspect that WB actually has a hard time obeying direct pleads. He likes to be in control also, I think, because he has trouble accepting my initiative. He’s come better at it, I promise, but it’s still a problem for him. I think he just feels scared and evaluated, when I ask something that he hasn’t really done before and it isn’t his idea.

    It took me a long, looong time to convince him to make me do the dishes, because it just didn’t compute to him… And when we finally did it, I realized that it was his fantasy too! Maybe he just felt too weirded out by wanting it, and didn’t see a way to reconcile it with my feminist views etc. Also, he really has trouble accepting the non-sexual aspects of BDSM. I mean, the things that aren’t part of a sex act, even though they might bee highly sexual in a sense. They make him feel uneasy and it’s super hard for me to get him to do those things to me – or command me to do them – often enough and without badgering.

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