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So, what happened was I didn’t sleep that well. My tummy kept me awake. There were odd rumblings, and if I wasn’t clear enough, they weren’t really in my stomach. When I finally woke up, I peed in the plastic cup as I’d done every morning since Wednesday. After I dipped the test in and left it lying on the shelf, I decided to brush my teeth while sitting down, too. I reached for the tootpaste and the big ole toothpaste went straight into the pee bowl. Badang! Pee everywhere! Priorities quickly changed from brushing my teeth to washing the floor. And you know what awaited me, when I rose up from the cold tiled floor?



I was so sure I’m not even ovulating that this felt like a positive pregnancy test. Victory! I am not as damaged as we thought, my cycle is just longer. I’m so happy right now.

Ovulation test no. 5 – the last one


8 thoughts on “Ovulation test no. 5 – the last one

  1. Thanks guys, it makes me even more hopeful and happy that you should share this with me. And I just had to take a picture – proof! – because I just couldn’t believe it.

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