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Nothing wrong with me

Turns out there’s actually nothing wrong with me. At least not with my progesterone levels. At least not on these hormones I’m taking.

And still.

My period started yesterday.

All the pains and cramps and nausea – just one for the cause, I guess. Once again.

I spent the night in the ER with my little sister who we fear is suffering from an ectopic pregnancy. They wouldn’t do anything, just gave her some pretty strong pain medicine and sent her home – and adviced to see a gyno on monday.

My birthday is coming and Wonderboy’s baking me a cake today. I’ve been bad, really, really angry and stressed, but after breaking up last night and crying us both to sleep, I think we have a chance now.

I don’t have anything more now. I gotta process all that’s happening, so much is about to change. I’ll tell you guys later.


4 thoughts on “Nothing wrong with me

  1. Thank you. I don’t actually know what happened to my period, but it felt like they were starting and now they have stopped. I’m gonna wait until tuesday until I do another pregnancy test.

    And I’ll let you know what happens with my sister. I’m also sending her all my good thoughts.

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