7 thoughts on “I don’t know if we’re gonna make it

  1. I’m so sorry you’re where you are. The only advice I can give you that would matter is to try to be centered only on yourself right now. Don’t ask how “We” can make things better or if “We” can make it. Be completely centered on yourself. Ask yourself how you can be healthier. And be as brutally honest with yourself as you can be. Leave him out of the equation until you figure out what the healthy course is. If he can be there with you, then explain to him how. Be prepared to walk away if he can’t.

    That’s about all I can say, other than being sorry that both of you are where you are and being hopeful that you’ll both get on the other side of this and be happy.

  2. jnakabb says:

    So sad. So hard for you.

    Do you know if WonderBoy feels the same, and do you still picture yourselves together in the future ?

    And … what @Duality said.

  3. Oh, honey. Hugs.

    I completely agree with Duality – you need to take care of yourself. It’s been painful to see you so miserable over these last few months. Please let me know if you ever want to chat!

  4. Thank you so, so much for your thoughts. I’m trying to figure out what my survival would look like. What I need to be functional, if not happy. We’ve talked twice now about this, and it’s relieved me some, but nothing takes the pain away.

    Duality, thank you especially for your wise advice. I notice now how I need to focus on myself more. This is something I’m facing – like it or not – by myself.

    Love you all.

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