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Diamonds are forever

Our second anniversary is nearing. So is Wonderboy’s birthday. I haven’t really had the time to ponder such shallow matters, but now that I have, I want to make him shine. I want to make a statement, and I want that statement to be that I’m his sugar mama, that he’s my jewel, that I want this to be forever.

I want to give Wonderboy…


Big sparkling diamonds for his piercings.

Yeah. He doesn’t really care, if he gets a present or not. He enjoys just spending time with me, going out to eat or something. I usually bake him a cake and I’m going to, for sure. I mean money can buy anything, but a cake is hard work, dammit. So is marriage. So is love.

So. Which do you think would be the loveliest for the love of my life?

1. Round

2. Black

3. Square

I couldn’t resist the pull of Polldaddy!


5 thoughts on “Diamonds are forever

  1. jnakabb says:

    Wow, your blog’s turned interactive !

    My wife loves diamonds, so sharing her appreciation by buying one for my ear for one of our anniversaries was particularly meaningful.

    Happy upcoming anniversary and birthday celebrations.

  2. uncommonmurre says:

    Is there someone out there on the Web who resembles him that you could point to? Maybe a celebrity with similar face shape and coloration?

    I’m leaning towards square because it’s a little different but still has the sparkle.

  3. Uncommonmurre,

    I actully spent a half an hour looking for a picrure that would even reming me of him, but I found nothing. 🙂 I like the square too.

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