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I got out alive!

And they got six beautiful follicles just ready to make us babies! I’m so happy. The results were better than we hoped for. There were actually eight altogether, but all of them didn’t make it. We still don’t know if they were all ripe, but some of them certainly are. This increases our odds a great deal! (You know because the prediction was only 5 follicles.)

The news about Wonderboy’s part was actually less positive. There was even less sperm than last time they tested. (Dammit, we should’ve held back on the sex on Saturday. But I can’t really feel bad about that. It’s been so rare these days. We really needed it.) The doctor told us that they will probably go with only ICSI (the micro injection) because there was such low sperm count and they’d need about 20 000 moving for each follicle to do the normal conception.

It doesn’t bother me at all for some reason. That’s actually what I was hoping for, because this has certainly been an issue for us. Why not make the most of what little follicles I could produce and not play games and hope for the best?

Also, the procedure did hurt like a mother fucker, but the medicine was very good and I had Wonderboy holding my hand and caressing my hair, a nurse caressing my thigh and talking to me and another nurse tending to my medicine etc. And the doctor was nice too.

It was funny, though, because I really spaced out when they gave me the 5 mg Diapam to start with. I couldn’t even move by myself and Wonderboy had to carry me to the wake up room, where they took off my clothes. The nurse was laughing that this was turning into a kindergarten when she had to dress me up in the wrap around skirt and socks they gave me for the procedure and she had to take me to the toilet. And she couldn’t lock the door, because I couldn’t even sit on the toilet seat without falling down. It thought it was funny too, but I was so out of it that I couldn’t but smile a little.

When I had to roll over from the procedure bench after the fact, I rolled straight on to my face. That was funny. They probaby tell stories about the small woman, who rolled onto her face.

Everything went better than expected. Wonderboy really came through with everything. He took care of me, fed me, caressed me, called the nurse twice to give me more medicine after the procedure. I just cried. I think I cried before the procedure on the table and after it. I just had no shame and I was so shocked and happy at the same time, when they said everything went fine and that there were so many follicles to take out. I couldn’t help thinking that one of them might be our baby.

Now I’m home lying in bed and Wonderboy tends to my needs. It still hurts a little but more like a pressure, not an awful pain I was dreading.

Here’s Wikipedia’s page on IVF, if you want more info. I was on the “mild IVF” that followed my own cycle, so taking that into consideration the 8 follicles was pretty good.

I’m starting on the progesterone today and have to take until the pregancy ultrasound two weeks from Thursday.

And now we wait. And hope.


5 thoughts on “I got out alive!

  1. It’s on Thursday! We go crazy here in Europe, they want to get it inside me as fast as they can. 😉

    Thanks for the crossed fingers! They obviously helped!

  2. I was thinking IVF just meant giving you fertility-enhancing drugs and then manually squirting sperm into you. Then I clicked your wiki link and read about “egg retrieval”. OWWWWWW OW OW CANNOT UNSEE.

    You…really weren’t kidding when you said you wanted a baby! O.o

    All this effort and pain has to pay off. It just does. So clearly this will work and everything will be awesome from now on. *Nods.*

  3. PC, no they won’t do that in our case, because the sperm isn’t good enough.

    That’s why I’ve been so scared! The egg retrieval did hurt even though I was positively high with all the pain medicine they gave me.

    There’s really nothing I want more than to have children with Wonderboy. It just seems more and more a remote possibility.

    And this was all a waste. All the pain and injections and handling the procedure. There’s nothing to implantate tomorrow, I’m sick, I can’t even move without hurting, and I’m still on hormones that I have to keep taking for some reason.

    And we don’t know WHY.

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