Fertility treatments

The Third IVF Cycle

You want news? What’s been going on?

Two IVF cycles. First one ended with 4 mature follicles and ICSI because of the low sperm count. None were fertilized. Second one ended before it began. After 4 days of injections the ultrasound revealed only one huge follicle. They did an insemination, but it was a long shot.

Now we have started the third ever IVF cycle of our lives. We feel so pros now, that we can even joke around about injections. Our doctor was really hopeful and that gave me hope. She even prescribed an injection that’s supposed to help the embryo implantate after the retrieval of eggs. That means she believes we might get as far this time. I really hope so.

I’m clinging on to the knowledge that I was pregnant for two to three weeks after our first IVF, on my regular cycle. I even got the coveted plus on a pregnancy test, although it was short-lived. That should mean that there isn’t a big chance of us not being able to conceive at all. Also, they haven’t found anything. No chromosome problems, no endometriosis, not nothing. Except of course the very low sperm count and morphology. That is luckily covered with the ICSI procedure. Except of course the follicle development problem I have. That is covered with… we hope… the flare up protocol. You can read about it here, if you want to know more.

I feel relieved to know what’s wrong. My ovaries are poor responders to the medications they use to stimulate them. There’s a problem with my follicles developing. The ovaries just want to develop one egg as is usual. I feel I understand my poor ovaries. You know, that’s their job! No wonder they’re not performing as hoped.

This also gives me a sense of closure. We both have something wrong with us. Now we know what it is. Now I can deal with accepting it. I feel like I can’t really be ashamed of this or really even sad. This is just one of the properties of my body. Just like the fact that I’m rather short. Just the way my body is I suppose. Just like my ovaries have development issues.

The doctor is hopeful that with the right doze we will get some good follicles – since my ovaries will never give away too many of them. We don’t really need that many. They were satisfied with the 4 mature ones we got last time. Now if they only would fertilize!

I’m going to the ultrasound that last carried tragic news to us on Friday morning. If there’s a good response, I’ll be going through the retrieval next week. I’m looking forward to it… and also not. I didn’t much enjoy being poked with a huge needle in my vagina, even if I was on drugs. But I’ll do it to have kids one day.

Hope this works!

Ps. A lot of progress has happened in the d/s side of our relationship too. Now that I’m on these hormones I seem to have a lot more energy. Maybe you’ll hear about that next! 😉


2 thoughts on “The Third IVF Cycle

  1. jnakabb says:

    Oooh, a race between kinky news and (hopefully) good news. Fingers crossed (again). Refreshing my Inbox…[F5] [F5] [F5]

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